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Google Shopper: A Quick and Simple Guide

Updated on September 10, 2012

Google Shopper is a program that allows you to buy and sell services online for any person that owns a Google Wallet. As any other Google service, this one is fast and reliable, so as a buyer or seller of goods on the internet, you must have Google Shopper activated.

With Google Shopper, all your financial situations are easily handled, and you will be able to keep a strict balance of all your finances and transactions. This way, you can focus on sales, instead of calculating incomes and loses all day long.

The financial details are given directly to Google, with no intermediaries, increasing the security of transactions to maximum. If you can’t trust Google with those details, you can’t trust anybody else; therefore, you should not be worried about this aspect.

Moreover, Google guarantees for all the transaction made with Google Shopper, so if somebody uses your details to steal money from your account, Google will compensate you.

Google Shopper for iPhone

Google Shopper indeed the right financial tool that is needed by any professional online business or shopper. Of course, with the large number of facilities offered by Google Shopper, you can customize your financial aspect of your business with maximum efficiency.

The advanced features of Google Shopper allow you to generate invoices for your clients and to send those on emails, and you don’t even need a website for this. if you only need to sell a product or service, and you don’t want to be bothered with the technical aspects, than Google Shopper is the right tool for you.

A simple description of the product is enough, and based on the information you give to Google, they will generate a Buy Now button. Aspects like taxes and legal matters are also considered by Google based on your location, therefore you will have the chance to deduct the legal expenses, and to avoid problems with the IRS later.

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