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Google Wi-Fi Review

Updated on January 2, 2017

Routers have been among the most interesting and highest selling tech products in 2016, according to some surveys. This has to be true that router has undergone a transformation from being utilitarian computer hardware to sleek designed pods to be placed anywhere in the house. New and high tech routers are what internet users need to fix the so called dead zone problem that was common among the old routers users. Recently, Google has joined the competition of delivering the most practical and highest tech routers with their product named as Google WiFi. This is actually multi point router system which has the similar features of Eero.

Google WiFi Concept

As have been stated by Google, this new Google product is said to be different than the previous router sold by Google. This time, Google makes the router by themselves without asking third party to join them. And, this company offers more clever cloud based intelligence and hardware design making sure that the users enjoy strong and reliable WiFi signal regardless of layout, construction and size. Another reason why Google make it by themselves is to allow them to easily set up this device through smartphone. It also allows them to both manage and control the device remotely. Other main features offered by this device include parental control and easy guest network setup.

Today, Google WiFi has hit the stores and sold at $129 each. This price is definitely way much cheaper than the router sold by Eero that is sold at $499 for three unit setup. According to Google, their device covers up to 1.500 square feet of surface. To reach more coverage, the users need to use and setup additional units. This coverage is standard coverage of the latest WiFi devices available in the market. Therefore, the Google WiFi has to be included in the list of the latest devices you want to buy.

Google WiFi Performance

Under the hood, this device has some surprises. For instance, it comes 2x2 AC1200 Wave 2 capabilities to support 5GHz and 2.4GHz networking. The latest test has shown how this device is able to provide good balance between ease of use, coverage, cost and also speed. It makes the device an ideal mesh router system just like other popular products like Eero routers. On the outside, this router comes with 2GB Ethernet jacks and power port on the bottom. Two jacks are targeted for hardware devices and broadband modem. Excellent performance is made perfect with nice design. This router offers compact design concept with unobtrusive cylinder.

When it comes to setup, this device doesn’t make any complications as it is very easy to set up through the particular Google WiFi application. This app is available for both Android and OS based devices. It walks you through the process of setting up from the network naming, securing, and also placing the unit in your house.

Google WiFi is somewhat called as super functional WiFi router with useful features, systems and excellent performance. Therefore, this can be the next router to replace your old router.

How to set up Google Wifi


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      2 years ago

      good article. loved it :)

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      2 years ago

      Good review about Google WiFi, please keep update buddy.

    • profile image

      Alex Sam 

      2 years ago

      It's one the great technology article for Wi-Fi Review framework. Good analyzed and details. I have learn few things from this post!!


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