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Google the Internet: Will Your City Win?

Updated on February 27, 2010

 March 26th. That is the contest deadline for your city or part thereof, to obtain, free of charge, Google's ultra fast broadband Internet service directly into homes. Google's experiment will allow an ultra fast fiber optic connection directly to homes.

Google announced the competition for cities on Feb, 10th. They are seeking a city which will allow Google to build the experimental Internet network. How fast? Well, it would make AT&T and Comcast look like a VW racing against a Corvette in a drag race. Both of these companies still rely on olf telephone cable and copper lines to send their fastest speeds through, usually the last link and it creates a bottleneck. Google will attach the Internet to homes directly with fiber optics meaning blazing speed:

1. Deliver 100 gigabits per second.

2. Download and entire season of TV shows (several hours) in 30 seconds!

3. Talk to friends with video across the world.

4. Download a movie in 15 seconds.

The boom to the city that wins is of course, Google name recognition, increased property values, huge advantages over other cities. Google will fund the whole project, the city selected in the USA will not spend a penny of its own dinero.

Cuanto es? Nada por la ciudad pero Google will charge a specific rate once completed to those who have it. Once selected, Google states there is no specific date is set for completion.

Cities are already sending in their applications and rational for why Google should select them, like Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Sacramento in California. For Google, it is an experiment that they are funding and if it works, AT&T and Comcast will have some serious competition.


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