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Goolge Adsense New Terms & Conditions

Updated on February 7, 2011
google adsense
google adsense

Adsense teams has finally changed some rules for the publishers who want to apply for a new adsense application in India & China.Surely this will be a bad news for Indians who are looking to applying for google adsense(Google AdSense is a free program that enables website publishers of all sizes to display relevant Google ads and earn.).

Adsense team said that they are using this rule in order to ensure the quality of the advertising network and to protect the interest of advertisers.According to new rule they have introduced domain age qualification for fresh application.Those users who qualify domain age qualification have a chance to get google adsense.

"By domain age qualification they mean that those who are applying for google adsense should have thier blog or website older than atleast 6 months. "

If you have a blog with unique content and good articles and an age domain of simply 6 months you should surely consider applying for google adsense.But note that the content of your website or blog should not be copied from any other source.(those who are violating the terms and conditions of google adsense will be banned for ever from adsense & note they will not get any support from google and they cannot apply for adsense in future is they have banned your account).So be unique with the content.Dont copy the content from wikipedia or any other site since it violates T&C.
I think google introduced this new rule in India and other Asian countries in order to protect their program policies.In India we often see people buying and selling google adsense.I know many site which will give you an adsense account for Rs.500/-.Surely this is not the way of getting google adsense.
I think google will continue with more strict rules in order to protect adsense.
I dedicate this article for the publishers of India and let work in legal way.

If you have any doubt regarding google adsense and how to get google adsense you can post a comment.Many users are complaing that they are not getting google adsense after proper submission of their website or article to google.The reason is that the content of your website or article should be unique and informative.Also i will tell more detail about "How to get google adsense"in my hubs.


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    • profile image

      AMAN SAHA 5 years ago

    • FLORENDA profile image

      FLORENDA 5 years ago from Cebu Philippines

      hi,... if your application for google adsense was disapproved is there any other way to earn another income, seems that my application from adsense blocking my way to the said latter....thanks

    • profile image

      Dinesh 5 years ago

      Thanks. Nice article