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Gordy's Camera Strap review

Updated on December 2, 2014

Why a wrist strap for a camera?

Another strap for my camera! Why so many?!

Well, when I first bought my Leica I was happy enough with the included shoulder strap. However, I had started to get a bit annoyed with it. I disliked having the camera resting against my body, bouncing slightly with each step I took.

I also found that a shoulder/neck strap was uncomfortable for me. Therefore, I started to look for a wrist strap that would be tough, cheap, and long-lasting.

Unfortunately, the majority of wrist straps I came across in the photo stores were expensive and/or cheap looking. I didn't want to buy a strap that was basically a string with a loop for my wrist. It didn't look tough, and worst of all, these things cost around 70 US dollars! Couldn't believe it.

Granted, the "string" was probably nylon, but I still didn't want to trust it in case I dropped my camera.

Enter Gordy's Camera Straps.

Video review

Why a Gordy strap?

Check out the video above. You'll quickly see why I decided I wanted this particular strap.

With that said, here are a few details.

Gordy's Straps a small company based in Washington state. They make all their straps from leather, with al-a-carte features that you can add. My particular strap is the leather wrist strap with purple cord, and a leather barrier to prevent the metal connection ring from scratching the surface of my camera.

The strap also comes with a rubber o-ring that you can move up and down to tighten or loosen the strap around your wrist. It's quite sturdy, and after a year of use, that O-ring shows no signs of wear or tear.


Gordy's Camera Straps sells several different types of straps, but I will focus on what you can get with the wrist strap.

The basic strap is just the leather strap with cord wrapped around one end, and the connection. From there you can add several options, such as a quick-disconnect, a leather barrier (such as the one on my strap) and different types of connections.

I chose the lug-type connection. They also sell a tri-pod connection version, but if you use a tripod at all, I would suggest opting for the lug-connection.

Each additional upgrade is very cheap. For my particular strap, I purchased it for 25 US dollars. Yes, that cheap, for a great, tough, and long lasting strap.

And it has stood a practical test. I was out late at night shooting some street photography, when my camera slipped out my hand. It was a very scary second of my life. Fortunately, to my great relief, my camera soon dangled harmlessly in the air from my wrist, rather than shattered upon the ground.

If you are looking for a good strap and don't want to spend a lot of money, buy one from Gordy's Straps. Great quality, low price, and great performance.


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