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Great Blogs

Updated on November 9, 2010

Writing blog is easy. But there is an important difference between mediocre blog and great blogs. For those who want their blogs to be successful or to have many readers and followings, it is not important to simply write blogs. They must learn how to write great blogs. As writing is easy, writing great blogs can also be easy with these simple tips:

The most important thing in writing great blogs is to become an expert in a particular topic. Many writers might fail to agree on this and might believe that the true test of a good writer is to be able to write just about any topic under the sun and that the key is in the written words or in the whole piece of writing. This is not the case however in writing great blogs. In writing great blogs, it is important to show expertise because blogs are aimed at attracting as many readers and keeping loyal readers on the blog. And the way to do it is to be an expert on something so that those specific readers who want to read about that specific topic will be directed to the blog. Then they will also check out the blog regularly and consistently knowing they can have expert opinion on the subject or topic they are interested in. Of course one can also write about other topics but it is best to populate the blog with blogs about specific topic.

The next important thing in writing great blogs is to be sincere or to be truthful. It is best to believe that readers are as smart, if not smarter than the writers. Although it is important to be an expert on the specific subject matter, it is not advisable to present oneself as an expert when one is not because the readers will detect it. If one is not an expert yet, it is best to show to the reader the truth and present oneself with all honesty. One can then simply write about the topic and then inform the readers that one is still learning more about the topic. For instance, if one is writing about why US should stop its dependency on foreign oil but does not have the expertise about it then one can tell the readers that there are many aspects of the issue that he was not able to comprehensively cover.

Lastly, in writing great blog, it is important to have fun since the positive emotion translates to the written words themselves and if the writer feels great, then there is more chance that he will be able to write great blogs.


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