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Green Energy Companies

Updated on June 30, 2012

Global warming, green house effect and ozone layer depletion used to terminate at possible future natural disasters pointers and political identifications until recently when it actually gave birth to emerging companies that are otherwise referred to as green companies.

Green companies are defined in terms of prescription for the prevention of changing climate and the natural environment. Whereas, green companies are more associated with transition from fossil fuel to green energy, there are so many green companies that are into the manufacture of gadgets and the use of sustainable raw materials for making making tools and implements.

The most notorious green companies are those that are into the manufacture of solar cell devices like portal solar chargers, solar touch lights, solar fans and solar street lighting systems.

Here we will be dealing with some of the most interesting green energy companies, hoping you would find the practical aspect of some of them worthy of consideration.

Solar Cells Companies

Soar cell companies are not restricted to the manufacture of solar panels, but to the network of marketing and sales as well as the supply chains of raw materials used in putting in place solar cells, batteries and other appendages. This also extends to large investment solar projects in the developed world, and recently Africa, that is converting large expanse of lands to solar farms.

The importance of solar cells companies is evident in the recent reality in Africa where solar cells are being used to light up countries with histories of epileptic power supply.This is very effective in providing uninterrupted power power supply and ensuring that electric power supply is available in rural areas across Africa.

The emergence of solar companies is keeping the street lights in a city like Lagos lighted even though the surrounding residential places are wallowing in darkness.

But solar companies are not restricted to tapping photon energy from the sun!

Thermal Solar Companies

Whereas solar cells are associated with direct migration of electrons due to the absorption of photon energy from the sun, the heat energy of the sun is also used to generate energy in an area of solar energy generation called thermal solar.

Mirrors or reflecting surfaces are used to reflect and concentrated solar rays on absorbing surfaces containing heat conductors. The conductors are subsequently used to convey the heat to places where they are used for heating.

Solar stoves of different types are emerging from across the world. They are clean cooking devices that are constructed to trap solar ray within a compartment containing a black surface. The black surface could be a cooking pot or an absorbing system in contact with the cooking pot.

Thermal solar companies are also into the manufacture of electricity generators. Some are large-scale projects that stores thermal energy from the sun into conductors that are eventually used to rotate thermal engines connected to electric generators.

The most recent escapade is its use in drilling of crude oil!

Thermal solar companies and techniques are also becoming potent remedies for the energy needs of impoverished places in Africa, south America and Asia.

Bio-energy Companies

The popular notion of bio-energy companies is in the large scale generation of bio-gas from organic wastes in developing countries. Here, the gas may be used used for domestic cooking, heating or the generation of electricity.

The knowledge of how to generate bio-gas from organic waste or refuge has given birth to emerging micro-scale bio-gas projects across developing countries. This is evident in the array of bio-gas Ddgesters that are being built by NGOs.

Bio-energy companies are also into the production of bio-diesel. This is recently very common in gas stations in Europe where there is the practice of mixing fossil diesel with biodiesel.


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