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Grill Alert Meat Thermometer Wireless Data and Voice Reminders

Updated on April 28, 2010


Would you grill more often if it was not so time consuming? Maybe grilling seems more time consuming than it actually is. Remember – a watched pot never (seems to) boil. Standing next to the grill wondering whether that expensive cut of meat is done in the middle is not everyone’s idea of having a great time.

Heads up all suburbanites - The Grill Alert Remote Meat Thermometer could get you back out in the backyard. City dwellers – you could enjoy your balcony again. Whether you like steak, chicken or just about any other meat it is easy to monitor when it is time to chow down. You have a choice of how you want the meat cooked. Set the Grill Alert on one of four settings from rare to well done. The early alert system gives you time to get everyone gathered around just in time to serve them a perfectly grilled meal.


You can wonder up to 300 feet away from the grill while using the Wireless Grill Alert Remote Meat Thermometer. Set it on a table or wear it on your belt via the belt clip while visiting with your guests, lounging by the pool or washing dishes. Grilling in the winter is more comfortable when you do not have to stay outside to babysit the food. A multitude of activities can be done while your meal is cooking on the grill.

If you are the worrying type the wireless monitor gives you information to calm your nerves. You will see the target temperature, the temperature at the time and a bar graph that shows you the progress that has been gained while grilling.

No need to keep a close eye on the temperature because a voice alert will let you know when the meat is almost ready to put on the plate. Once you make your way back to the grill you will hear a second alert – Ready.


The monitor screen on the Grill Alert Remote Meat Thermometer is backlit so you can grill after the sun goes down. No need to ruin the mood with harsh lighting. Even in low light conditions you can be the grill master while feeling confident that the meat will be cooked to perfection. Your friends and family will be impressed by how calm you are while serving them with such expertise.

Powering the Grill Alert Remote Meat Thermometer is easy. Keep an extra set of AA and AAA batteries handy. Each charge will require the combination of 2 AA and 2AAA.


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