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The 5 minute Buying Guide to the Best & Cheapest Tablet PCs & Android Honeycomb Devices

Updated on July 3, 2011

Find the Right Tablet PC for You

To save you time and money, here's our buying guide for the best tablet PCs ranging from powerful tablet PCs, the sleek Apple iPad, to the Google inspired Android Tablets & more.

I'm sure you'll find the tablet PC you want based on the price, features and computing needs.

Video of iPad Review

Or Do You Still Prefer the Cool & Sleek iPad?

Why You Gotta Have the iPad !

Ok its really cool. From my own experience using both andriod powered machines running andriod version 2.2 the experience is still more confusing than the iPad.

For users of the original iPhone or the latest iPhone 4, the addition of a iPad or iPad 2 is a no brainer. Imagine using the iPhone on the go  one-handed while holding your hotdog with everything on it. Then settling down to your favorite spot by the beach or loungng at the pool side with the ipad (with water proof cover of course) connect with friends and publishing that inspired blog post that just came to you.

What's the Right Tablet Size?

The outspoken Steve Job's have openly criticized the 6" tablets from Samsung and other manufacters as too small for usage as a tablet.

But there have been rumors abound that the iPad 3 would be sized between the iPhone and the iPad, which puts it at around 5-6". Only time will tell if a 6" can combine the better portability than a iPad device and increase screen area & resolution than a iPhone. Will this be the next killer gadget from Apple? 

Comparison of Samsung's Galaxy Tab Android Tablet Vs Apple's iPad

Review of one of the Cheapest Android ePad

Review on a iPad lookalike called the APad

Looking to buy an Android Honeycomb Device?

The tablet battle is heating up with more powerhouse brands joining in with their take on the tablet gadget. The latest wave of tablet devices running the Android Honey will definitely be giving iPad and the upcoming iPad2 a run for its money.

What we liked about the Honeycomb is the pseudo 3D user interface that is actually useful by allowing you to zoom in to take get more details on a file and other cool effects. The web surfing is also much more refined and seems faster with the Chrome-like integrated web browser.

Here's a juicy piece of news. Sony's S2 is rumored to be a dual screen unique shaped tablet devices running the Android Honeycomb OS.

Hands-on Usage of the Android Honeycomb

Video of Android 3.0 Honeycomb Tablets

Want to Try Out Cheapest and Best Value Tablets

Its alway important to match what you buy with your unique needs.

The mini tablet is somewhat smaller that the iPad and usually less capable. Its ideal for someone who wants something more capable than a smart phone, with the added benefit of a bigger higher resolution usually 7" screen.

The cavaat is that some of them are running earlier less refined versions of the Android OS. For those who want the best experience and don't mind paying a significant premium, you might want to get the latest tablets running Android version 3.0 (codename Honeycomb) which is specifically designed for tablets.

Some thoughts on the Future of Mobile Computing & Upcoming Tablets

It will be interesting to see which tablet type will dominate the market. Hopefull we'll see each type evolving to fit the niche requirements for different users. It will also be interesting to see how Google will handle the compettition between the Android Tablets and the Google Chrome Notebooks. Maybe the humble netbook which is basically a tablet (no touch screen) with a physical keyboard, will find a niche as a great content producer.

The official stance from Google is that Android is a open standard focus on mobile devices, while the Chrome OS was designed with seamless web computing in mind. There are Tablets running Chrome OS (probably on top of the Linux OS like in the prototype Google Chrome Notebook rollout) coming soon, so stay tuned.

So Which Tablet PC are You Thinking about Buying?

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