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Guide To Fix Windows Blue Screen Error

Updated on September 13, 2013

You might see a message that says "Fatal Error - 0938388832" or something close to that error. For those of you who are not technically inclined to decipher this message, don't worry - you can still fix the problem. Most of the time this error has something to do with corruption of the registry. Sure, if you don't want to mess up your computer even further, you can hire the Geek Squad and pay hundreds of dollars. Or another way which is much easier is using a registry cleaner. Running this program yourself to fix the blue screen of death error is very easy to do.

Steps to Fix Windows Blue Screen Error

Did you know that Windows can check for a solution to any computer problems? Always try doing this before you do anything else.

1. Go to your "Start" and then choose "Control Panel".
2. Navigate to your Problem Reports and Solutions.
3. You will see a Tasks panel which will be on your left side of the window. When you see this, double click "Check for new solutions". Now Windows will search for any problems. It could take up to five minutes or more depending on your computer.
4. When doing this, make sure you are logged on as an administrator since some of the problems can only be viewed by the admin


Installing updated drivers

To fix this error, you can also check for and install any updated drivers from your manufacturer. What this does is allows the computer to connect with any devices. There is a good chance that if the computer you have isn't using the correct version of a driver, it will have problems in communication with the hardware. You'll want to update drivers by visiting your computer manufacturer's site. This could be Dell, Asus, Sony, Toshiba, Gateway, etc.

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Using System Restore

Fixing Windows XP Blue screen Error should involve using the System Restore. This is basically a Windows program that allows you to go back to an earlier date before your computer starting having errors and set it to that date. It's almost like going back in time (hehe). To do this, make sure you save all files and any programs that are open. Opening System restore is fairly easy, just go to "Start", "All Programs" then "Accessories". In your System Tools you should see the System Restore. Most of the time before you try and fix the blue screen of death error, you'll need to type in an admin password before you continue. System Restore Wizard will open and you can select the date for a restore point. Find a time when you remember your computer never had the Blue Screen of Death error. Choose next when done, then "Finish". Your computer will restart.

Use CCleaner

Another way to clean your registry is by using CCleaner. This is a highly effective program for cleaning registries. What it does is remove any unused files from your system and run faster, while also making free space for the hard drive. It works with IE, Firefox, Safari and more for removing temporary files, history and cookies. The best part about this program is that it is free and actually works!


Restore Windows

One last thing to do in order to fix this issue is install a new version of Windows. You can do this if you have your Windows CD-ROM or DVD. What this does is restore Windows along with all the programs which are on the computer as well. You may not have a restore CD, and if this is the case you could could still clean your Windows system. To do this, search the Microsoft Knowledge base on how to install Windows Vista.


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