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Guide to choosing the right smartphone for you

Updated on May 26, 2013


Today, we have so many phones available to us. Smartphones are flooding the market with different features and varied price points. The amounts of choices are quiet overwhelming. So how do you make the right decision? This article will try to help you make that right decision with step by step instructions.


This is the first question you must ask yourself before thinking about buying a smartphone. What are the basic things you need from it? For example if you are into business, you will need a phone that sends emails, keeps you connected online, keeps notes and accounts and also good call quality, or if you are a student you would want the phone to access social networking sites, send text messages and good battery life. Whatever your needs are, write it down somewhere. That would give you a better idea on what sort of phone you should look for.


You have listed down the functions you need your phone to provide. But, how much are you willing to pay for these functions. A budget is very important. You should have an idea on how much of your money are you willing to spend on the functions a phone provides you with. Usually smart phones are categorized into 3 groups in terms of price.

1. Budget device

2. Mid-range device

3. Flagship device

Budget devices are the lowest priced devices. They range from 100 to 250 dollars. They provide all basic functions of phone. The specifications of these phones will be low. Now even though the prices these phones are low, doesn’t necessarily mean they are not good. They will cater to most of your basic needs with a low price point.

Mid-range phones are kind of a blend with a flagship and a budget phone. It won’t have all the goodies of a flagship phone but will provide you with much more features than a budget phone. If you don’t want to spend a lot on your phone but also want a good set of features, I suggest you look for mid-range devices. These phone range from 300 to 500 dollars.

Flagship devices are top range phones. These phones are usually packed with the best features and top notch technology. But not all flagship phones are great. Since the price points are so high, you must do a good research on the phone before you buy it. Ask people who you know who have used it. Use the phone and see if it is worth your hard earned money. These phones will provide the features of more than what you need. If you are looking for the best phones and not worried about a high budget, I suggest you check these phones out.


Now that your budget and needs are taken care of, what type of platform do you want to use. There are a few platforms you can choose from. Here I have listed the most popular ones.

1. Android

2. Windows phone

3. iOS

4. Blackberry 10

The most popular out of these categories is the Android OS. It is a Google based platform. It very customizable with a huge app market and will provide you with all your needs. But, android phones have a lot going on. If you’re a first time android user, you will have a bit of a learning curve. But once you get the hang of it, it is an incredible platform to use. There is a thing I have noticed with android phones though. Budget level android devices are quiet annoying as it lags and crashes quiet often. See the phone’s specifications to get an idea on how well it can perform. If you are looking for an android phone, I would suggest looking in the mid-range or flagship category.

Now, windows phone on the other hand, works great from budget level to flagship devices. The platform is very simple and you can get the hang of it in a few hours of fiddling with it. The app store is not great though. All your basic apps are present, but nothing that you can compare with android or iOS. The windows interface has a modern, more mature look to it. If you want a simple to use good looking platform that runs great at any price point and if you’re not much of an app nerd then this OS is for you.

Apple has always been one of the top guns when it comes to technology. They release a new iPhone every year. Apple is known for their magnificent design and build quality of the iPhone. iOS is an easy to use platform and you will get the hang of it in a few days. Now, the iPhone has become more of a status symbol. You don’t really get what you paid for. Personally, I think buying an Android phone for the same price as an iPhone would be a better deal for you. But, if you’re just looking for a really good looking phone for a high price point this is a good buy.

In the case of blackberry, the new OS is a highly gesture based platform. There will be a slight learning curve for a few weeks. It is a great interface where all your activities and notifications can be easily accessed. Since this is a new OS, the app market is not as good as from what you would get from Android or iOS. This OS comes in a limited number of devices produced by blackberry. If you’re looking for a new and different experience, the Blackberry 10 platform won’t disappoint.


You know what you need and what you expect from your phone, you know how much you want to pay for it and you know the operating system you want to use. The last step is to select a phone. Take your time with this. This is a phone you might use for the next couple of years, so make a good choice. Here are some things you can do it help you make that right choice.

1. Narrow down your choices. Select a few from the bunch that suits you.

2. Read reviews on the phones chosen. Go to YouTube or read reviews about the phone to get a better idea on it.

3. Talk to people who have used the phone that you’re interested in.

4. Compare the phones that you selected and select the best one for you out of the lot

The best windows budget phone available

Mid range android phone with flagship specs. A perfect buy.


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