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Solved: HP G7000 laptop No Power Won't Turn On, Failed Mosfet/Mofet Location shown on motherboard

Updated on August 27, 2013

HP G7000 Motherboard

HP G7000 Laptop Motherboard
HP G7000 Laptop Motherboard

If you have an HP G7000, and it will no longer charge or turn on, you may have blown a MOSFET on the motherboard that regulates the voltage to the charging system. If you look at the photo below, you will see an example of the type of chip that may have burnt out, the PQ1 MOSFET I have seen fail numerous times. Fortunately they are only a few dollars at most and most electronics shops can replace them, and may even have some good one's in their graveyard of dead laptops that they can salvage. Of course don't go all haywire and tear apart your laptop before doing some other basic troubleshooting steps.

So first make sure that the power adapter is good. Take it to your local computer store, and have them test it for you by either using a multi-meter, or plugging it into a known working compatible laptop. However, before jumping into your car and rushing down to the store, be sure and remove the battery from your laptop, and then hold down the power button for no less than 60 seconds. Then replace battery, plug in the charger, and attempt to boot the laptop. If this fails to start the beast, then jump in your car and have the laptop charger tested.

Close up of the PQ1 MOSFET on the G7000 Motherboard
Close up of the PQ1 MOSFET on the G7000 Motherboard


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    • profile image

      Urim 2 years ago

      thanks very much , I changed AND IT WORKS PERFECTLY

    • profile image

      Mark 4 years ago

      Hey! Nice article. I've tried the static discharge technique already and I also suspect it is a failed mosfet. What symptoms did the mosfet demonstrate when you tested the voltage with a multimeter? I'm getting 19.5 volts at the source/gate amd like 0.07 at the drain. Plz let me know!