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Hp Photosmart all in one Printer Tablet

Updated on November 24, 2014

Hp Photosmart all in one Printer Tablet

Photosmart eStation was launched by Hewlett-Packard Company in an endeavor to bring the tablet PC and printer together. The latest Photosmart eStation All-in-One printer comes with a detachable tablet and executes on a custom-made version of the Google Inc's Android OS. Hence, using this advanced technology, you can browse the internet as well as install any tablet PC based applications too.

Photosmart eStation comes up with a 7 inch screen and can work as an excellent e-reader. You can now easily move and print the images and documents amongst various media devices. The printer-tablet also offers full browser access to the top social media applications like Facebook. The Photosmart eStation all in one device basically aims at offering its user, an access to the content like emails, ebooks, articles and images, which can be printed.

According to the buzz, HP has partnered with 45 companies to enable and work on the applications, which can help in accessing the content and printing the documents accordingly.

Nevertheless, the tablet has very limited functionalities and you can not compare the tablet that comes with this device to any other Android device, not even to Samsung Galaxy Tab. Even though it runs on Android 2.1, it only offers you Yahoo search and no access to the Android Marketplace. As far as printing is concerned, the estation claims to print up to 33 pages a minute (black and white), and 32 pages (colored). The input tray of the device is of 125-sheets, the photo tray is of 20 sheets and output tray is of 50 sheets.

A combination device like the Photosmart eStation opens a plethora of opportunities for the new technologies to get launched in the market. The price of the product is quite nominal and it could very well find itself popular amongst the tablet PC lovers, who can maximize the usage of this device.


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