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HP TouchPad Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard - Gives a Laptop Feel to a Tablet

Updated on July 31, 2011

TouchPad Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard - Type at home or on the go

Long emails, diary entries or business letters may tax the nerves of someone that is used to typing on a physical keyboard.

The on-screen keyboard on the HP TouchPad works great and in fact can be used in two different sizes - but many feel that they hunt and peck too much and it can take too long to type anything longer that a twitter post.

If I have described your feelings then you may be interested to know that HP designed a wireless Bluetooth physical keyboard that makes typing on your HP TouchPad more enjoyable and productive.

Even if you travel the TouchPad wireless Bluetooth keyboard can travel with you. It is a mere 1 inch thick and weighs less than 1 pound.

It does not attach to the TouchPad in any way and will travel separate from the TouchPad but it will not take up much room in your bag. Except for being black you may be reminded of the Apple Wireless Keyboard.

There are no USB Bluetooth receivers necessary since both the HP TouchPad and the keyboard are Bluetooth enabled. Pairing is simple and fast once you flip the button on the back of the keyboard. It will stay in pairing mode for a full minute while the TouchPad looks for it - but chances are it will not take the full minute before you are connected and ready to type.

This keyboard is a good steward to its AA batteries. Seven months seems like a long time for batteries to last - but HP touts that they very well may do it. It powers itself down when it senses you are no longer typing and the same happens when it senses it has been taken out of range. Bluetooth connections typically allow for 30-33 feet and further than that causes a disconnect.

Regardless of how great a keyboard looks, how light it is or how long the batteries last, if it is not comfortable to type on - forget it - it will not be used. The HP TouchPad wireless Bluetooth Keyboard has keys that are separated enough that even large fingers do not press more than one at a time. There is a familiar row of number-function keys across the top. There are also dedicated keys that operate the HP TouchPad. There will be some keys that seem out of place but if you are used to typing on a smaller that full size keyboard - you know that you get used to it.

One features that may be a deal-breaker for some is that the keys are not backlit. Otherwise, this keyboard is a winner and will function well to increase the functionality of the HP TouchPad.


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    • Alladream74 profile image

      Victor Mavedzenge 6 years ago from Oakland, California

      Awesome technology.

    • Debbie Cook profile image

      Debbie Cook 6 years ago from USA

      I agree - I'd love to have a charger like this for my iPad 2 also!

    • Oneit profile image

      One IT Ltd 6 years ago from Auckland

      Wow that wireless charger is the coolest gadget ever. Wonder when they'll make one of those for the Android Tablets.