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Hackers Stole 1 Billion from Different banks

Updated on February 18, 2015

1 Billion from hack, this is reported to be the biggest heist in the history of world that is done through cyber hacking. The international hacking group has stolen more than 1 billion from 100 banks in 40 different countries.

The hackers have used the old technology in which a malware program is added to the servers of bank and this malware then allow hackers to wipe the accounts from that banks. This method was used in the year 2013 but that was not that large-scale.

Hackers have modified that malware and improved it to attack the most secure banks in the world. This time the hackers have targeted the banking employees instead of normal customers of bank.


The Russian based internet security firm Kaspersky reported that this attack was very serious nature and the hackers have used very sophisticated technology to attack the banks. The Kaspersky did not provide the names of the institutions that were effected as a result of this attack but they said that the main target was Russian institutions.

This was a global operation by the hackers and different banks across China, US and UK were targeted by the hackers. The hackers used different and unique approach this time. The targeted banks in small rounds this means that they don’t take more than 10 billion from any bank.

They target one bank and then they move to the next bank. Using this approach they conducted the biggest cyber hacking operation in the world.


They also targeted the banks with different fake accounts to steal the money in easy manner. They have very dangerous malware that steals the money very fast from other accounts. According to the report that malware can wipe out one hundred thousand accounts in just fraction of minute. This thing makes this malware the most dangerous malware in the history of cyber crimes.

They Kaspersky have given the name of “Carbanak” to the malware that is used in this cyber crime operation. Experts say that this is the most advanced and dangerous malware in the modern era. The malware is the only malware that can attack the money rather than just data.

The other advanced malware that were used in the cyber attacks just attack the data but this malware can wipe out the money in very easy way and this makes it the most dangerous malware in the history of cyber crimes.


The experts say that in order to combat this type of malware we have to improve our security standards. We have to look for the loopholes that are causing this type of security breaches.

If we want to make people’s money safe then we have to make the ground shaking changes to our security methods. They say that this is just the beginning. The hackers are going to use more advanced techniques to steal so we have to be prepared to defend ourselves from them


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