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Hard Candy iPad Bubble Case Sleeve Rigid Outside Soft Inside

Updated on March 15, 2011

The Apple iPad is the next gadget that I intend to add to my gadget collection. Of course you know that every new gadget needs gadgets of its own. A case for the iPad is a given since it is so gorgeous and it would be disastrous if it were scratched or even worse – if it were to be squeezed in too tightly among other gadgets.

It would be a shame to enclose an iPad inside of a less than cool case. The case should offer protection as well as a great first impression. It should stand on its own as an attention getter.

The Hard Candy iPad Bubble Case Sleeve looks unique. The molded EVA bubbles definitely add a design element not found on other gadget cases. At first glance you may think that the bubbles are soft. Your fingers just want to press on the case as if it was bubble wrap and you were trying to hear the pop.

Instead – rapping the bubbles with you knuckles feels more like checking a melon for ripeness. The Hard Candy iPad Bubble Case is firm but not cold to the touch. If all other objects were perfectly shaped to apply even pressure against each other most any flat case would work just as well. In real life there are sharp corners and uneven surfaces rubbing and pressing against each other all of time.

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A gadget such as the iPad was not designed to live inside of a case. With that said however, on the go activities often limit the amount of space for everything you have to carry and lay to the side when actually using the iPad. The Hard Candy iPad Bubble Case was designed with this in mind. The interior surfaces of the case are soft – unlike its exterior. Mini bubbles close face down on top the screen of the iPad. Underneath the iPad the Hard Candy iPad Bubble Case provide adjustable soft rubber bumper corners designed to snuggly hold the iPad in place whether in use or in storage.

Recently I attended a meeting and the folding chair that I sat in was the entire space that I had to work in. My purse was on the floor between my feet, the paper handouts were on my lap underneath my neoprene laptop case with my laptop balanced on top. As I stood up for the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer I had to juggle everything that I was holding.

If my laptop had been an iPad and my neoprene case had been a Hard Candy iPad Bubble case I would have had less to juggle. I would have simply closed the case, picked up my paper handouts and stood up.

I realize that that the Hard Candy iPad case is intended to be a sleeve but it would be nice to have a handle of some kind.


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    • BetsyIckes profile image

      BetsyIckes 7 years ago from Pennsylvania

      I want to add it to my gadjet collection too! Thanks for sharing this info!