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Hardware Monitoring In Windows

Updated on June 2, 2010

Free Softwares for Hardware Monitoring

Hardware monitoring tools are not meant to experts only. If you want to have a look at the various parameters of your hardware in real time, you may use any of the wide varieties of freely available HW Monitoring tools. It gives you detailed specs on installed components and real time statistics of their performance related issues. You need not be an expert to use this tool. If you are really interested to know about your hardware details, you can use one.


The first tool we are considering is HWMonitor. It's a very nice tool with a single window displaying necessary details about your hardware like CPU Temperature, Voltage, Fan speed, etc. It also displays information regarding Hard Disk IDs, and HDD Temperature, etc. along with a range. Remember that this tool does not list any hardware models or vendors but some real time information regarding those mentioned above. It's a nice handy tool which does not require any tweaks or settings. All you have to do is just install it and it will show you the basic info you needed regarding your CPU and HDD. It's very helpful if you want to troubleshoot any temperature related problems and you can keep an eye on that. It requires very less memory and so no need to worry about that part.


SpeedFan is one of the famous tools which can remain in the system tray and provide you details about CPU temperature, various diode temperatures, speed of installed Fans in rpm, etc. It is very easy to install and you can have some performance tweaks also. But it should be done at your own risk as per the warning of the software. It is better called temperature monitoring when it comes to Speedfan.


We talked about the free tools which actually deal with the temperature related info. Now we are going to talk about a really great one called CPUZ that lists all of the necessary information regarding your hardware resources like CPU, CPU temperature, CPU code name, CPU family, Motherboard details, GPU, BIOS details like version number, vendor, RAM, and other various components. The above mentioned HWMonitor and this CPUZ are developed by the same team, CPU ID x86 Technical Resources.

It does no harm to your PC. So you can try these tools for free and thus monitor your CPU and related information in an effective way.


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