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Hardware Unboxed

Updated on December 26, 2017
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I'm just a small time guy working a normal job as a physician assistant. My passion is building PCs and testing/reviewing PC hardware.

Hardware Unboxed

I do not own this image.
I do not own this image. | Source

Hello everyone. Will here. Today, I have decided to do something a little different and not review a product or a game or anything like that but instead, I’m going to discuss a YouTuber who I feel is one of the better ones out there that offers PC reviews and other things. I hope you enjoy.

So, who do we talk about? Well, I don’t know him personally but Steve over at Hardware Unboxed is by far, one of the best YouTubers to watch if you have tech questions or want to see great reviews about computer products/components. Over the last few months since I have gotten back into PC building, Steve is my go to guy for information. I especially like his benchmarking videos, unboxing videos, and now his newest series he will be participating in, “Upgrade My PC.”

Upgrade My PC

Steve is very knowledgeable when it comes to PCs and PC components. He knows a lot about a lot and you can tell just by hearing him talk how well versed he is in his trade. Combine his knowledge with his personality and you have one dynamite channel over on YouTube. Steve also transcribes, or essentially transcribes his videos and posts them to TechSpot (link below). This is a great option for those not wanting to watch videos but with Steve’s personality, I do not know why anyone wouldn’t want to stick around for his cheeky, informative videos that carry so much personality.



For those enthusiasts out there or those who want to become enthusiast computer builders, Steve does a lot of benchmarking videos and doesn’t skip out on the content just to get a video out like a lot of other YouTubers do. For example, Steve stayed up many hours benchmarking and testing the new AMD RX Vega GPU and put together a complete and informative video within a few hours. He also did the same with the Destiny 2 Beta for PC. This game is a game that is highly anticipated for its PC release and was only out on beta for 3 days (4 for those with early access) so, Steve had to work tirelessly to get relevant data and benchmarks. Steve worked tirelessly to get a complete video out and released a fantastic video detailing the hardware required to run the game and then he benchmarked 30 GPUs for the game as well and man, I was blown away.

What Does it Take to Play Destiny 2?

30 GPUs Tested on Destiny 2

Steve does some great unboxing videos as well. Not only does he unbox products but he also gives very informative tidbits about each product he unboxes. The fun-loving way he does these videos makes you keep coming back for more.


Steve will also entertain his viewers by taking suggestions and/or recommendations and testing those. To me, this is a very important part of why he is so successful and should be an instrumental part of any YouTuber’s repertoire though many fall short a quite a few have the “Know-it-all” mentality. Overall, Steve is very fun to watch, very informative to listen to, and quite cheeky. Given all of the aforementioned qualities, it is easy to see why Steve, and his “Hardware Unboxed” channel has nearly 150,000 subscribers. I could only hope to be 1/3 as successful in my content creation journey. So, please, do yourself a favor and go check out Steve’s channel over on YouTube and his spots at TechSpot.

What do I think about Steve at Hardware Unboxed?

So, my thoughts on Steve. This guy is a phenomenal person. He's not like many of these other YouTube content creators in that he produces videos to engage the audience to pass along good information. He does not put out incomplete videos like some of the other smaller YouTubers who are trying to make a name for themselves. Those such YouTubers do not worry so much about quality, only quantity and it shows. Steve, on the other hand, puts out quality over quantity. However, if Steve has highly sought after information, he goes the extra mile and works extra long to get that information out while retaining the quality he is known for. For example, when the AMD RX Vega graphics cards were being released, it was highly sought after content. Steve got his reviewer card late but stayed at it for several hours, probably near 24 straight hours, testing games an gathering other benchmarks for his review. I have seen others put out content and make comments like, "I only had this to get this with but I wanted to get this video so, I tested with this, etc." Steve's hard work and devotion is greatly appreciated by us who follow PC hardware closely. So, my thoughts on Steve... He's fantastic and deserves your support. Check him out on his YouTube channel linked below.

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