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Has Enjoying Modern Technology Become a Technological Slavery?

Updated on August 3, 2016
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In a lot of cases, we have become slaves to the modern technology since we rely heavily on it to make our lives easy-going. We can find any restaurant, download any book, and listen to any music that we like with just a few taps to our smartphones. Since everything is at the palm of our hands, it is almost as though we possess a “power” of some sort. This vast “power” should make us invincible and superior to other organisms. However, instead of enlightening us, this great “power” has become the downfall of many of us, especially the newer generations.

Most of us have at least watched one science fiction movie in which the robots takeover the planet and enslave our minds. Our situation is pretty much the same. We all let our gadgets enslave our minds. Sure, the internet and television can be good for you because they are both informative and entertaining, but they are addictive as well. Technology can be considered a drug, especially for the newer generations born in a world infested with technology. Here are some reasons why technology is both good and bad for us.

Losing touch with reality

A lot of people have friends over the internet nowadays. Making friends was never a bad thing, but all of a sudden our online friends become more important than the people around us. We don’t even spend as much time with our parents as much as we spend with them. Our friends on the other side of the screen, and perhaps even on the other side of the world, make us lose our touch with reality sometimes. We have more friends on Facebook and are more social there than we are in person. We spend more time sitting in front of a computer screen than talking to people face-to-face. It is especially true for gamers and internet addicts, as they barely leave the house. This obsession with technology can endanger lives as well. Internet users usually are likely to have shorter attention spans, and they also have a tendency to be absent-minded. Whenever they start driving, for instance, they are not able to concentrate on the road for very long. They become easily distracted and would probably use Facebook on their smartphones while driving, which is extremely dangerous, both for the driver and the other passengers in the car.

It causes laziness

It is no mystery that using the internet is a great way to procrastinate. It is a distraction and prevents people from completing their tasks. Many companies have blocked Facebook and Youtube from their web servers as it promotes laziness among the employees. They claim the websites distract their employees, and it makes them less productive. It is true that people would rather watch nonsensical videos on YouTube for several hours straight than search up information to get their work done. We rely heavily on the internet to locate the necessary information to do our work for us. Since everything is on Google, we don’t bother learning and memorizing much information anymore. “Why even bother?” They ask, and this is especially true for the newer generations. They are so dependent on the internet that they are almost incapable of functioning without it.

Laziness has also begun to affect people physically. Many suffer from headaches, after sitting in front of a computer screen for hours. Did you know that staring at a screen for hours could impair your sight, and the lack of movement can affect your health? People have stopped making their health their first priority, replacing it with the internet instead. It has caused many people to become obese as they prefer to eat fast food to save time rather than cooking a healthy meal at home. Basically, their addiction to the internet has caused them to be lazy, which has turned into health hazards.

The positives

You may start to look at technology negatively, after reading this article. It’s not the technology that’s the problem; it’s how we make use of it. The technology was developed over the years to make our lives easier. It has bridged the gap between the continents and enabled us to do things that mankind could not have imagined to be possible. Technology has made everything a lot laidback. Travelling has been made much faster and more efficient. We can connect to people from halfway across the world, and news from all over the world are accessible in a matter of seconds. The internet has become a gigantic hub of information that people accesses at any moment from anywhere in the world.

Technology has progressed in so many ways that it has literally saved lives. The progress in Science and medicine would not have been possible without the advancement in technology. In only a century, we have gone from not knowing how to use antiseptics to laser surgeries. That is a huge development, and getting there would not have been possible without the help of the right type of machines. With that being said, technology is not evil, it is there to make our lives better.


As amazing as modern technology is, people still don’t use it to its full potential. Especially, with all the information that is on the internet nowadays, most people don’t take advantage of educating themselves. Instead, they choose to use it to procrastinate and to sit on Facebook or some game sites all day long. We use it to escape reality and end up causing more harm to ourselves because of our poor choices. We have let our devices rule over us and to take control of our minds. The main purpose of technology was to benefit us and not to enslave us. It was also developed to help people to live a comfortable and productive life, so, it is not the blamed for our downfall that comes from us making poor decisions. It’s not the technology that is a problem, but it is all of us who has become a slave to it.

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