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Has Facebook or MySpace Changed Your Social Networking Habits?

Updated on December 15, 2010

Remember when Facebook or MySpace were in their infancy and only a small clique of under 30's grabbed onto it like gold? In the course of 10 years, both social networking communication systems have zoomed into outer space, changing everyone's communication methods.

Or has it?

Do you rush to social networking sites to document your life's up and downs? when you snap a photo, do you immediately upload it to either, as if everyone is just dying to see it? Do you have that urge just to blab on either or others about mundane nitty-gritty elements of your life, stuff most could really care less about? Does Twittering your thoughts in 140 or less letters seem like some weird techie addiction?

Do you really think all these communication revolutions are really the best to way to talk to others? what about the lack of real human interaction in a face to face interaction? Do you miss it or do you like being incognito and elusive and not reveal emotions by typing?

I use to think it was a device from those under 35, since Facebook founder is only 26. That was true maybe 6-7 years ago, no longer. With 500,000,000 users on Facebook, there are some serious socializing going on.

I know some that document every thought, affirmation or event on social networking complete with silly photos, and because I am in the friends group, I see it and think, do I care? Is it me or why do I not feel a need to do this with frequent updates? It does not make me feel anymore important than not doing it or doing it. I think many of the addicts on the social networking are people that by communicating on these sites, it makes them feel important, vibrant, needed, in some lonely way. They are lonely, perhaps. Maybe it makes them feel "alive" and that their life has significant meaning, when in reality, there is nothing interesting going on.

I know many simply try to get as many "friends" within their group or circle or get as many followers on Twitter. Probably all for the same reason-to fill some empty void in their life, soul, or be important. It becomes a contest of sorts. See how many people are following me? I am important!

For myself, I check the Twitter and Facebook maybe once a day, to see if there is anything worthwhile for me to spend time on-almost 95% of the time, it is just gossip, chit-chat, or other. I don't mind becoming involved with it, if I have nothing else to do, but to let it rule my life, like many do, is not going to happen.

What about you?


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