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AI:Benevolent or Monevolent

Updated on September 27, 2016

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

In the past five years, advances in artificial intelligence—in particular, within a branch of AI algorithms called deep neural networks—are putting AI-driven products front-and-center in our lives.

Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Baidu, to name a few, are hiring artificial intelligence researchers at an unprecedented rate, and putting hundreds of millions of dollars into the race for better algorithms and smarter computers.

Programs that have goals and plans to accomplish these goals have been around since the inception of AI. Work on such programs has spawned a variety of ideas on how planning can be accomplished, partic- ularly within the domain of problem solving.

Programs that have external knowledge have usually not been con- sidered part of AI at all. Database retrieval is not in any way connected with AI, although it has been clear to AI researchers that they must eventu- ally concern themselves with how knowledge is best organized in order to have really intelligent machines.

Nevertheless, many programs for organizing and retrieving knowledge do, of course, exist.

Hawking's Narrator:AI Equipped Intel Chair

The Wheel-Chair That Holds Hawking's Brains

Stephen Hawking's a well known theoretical physicist, who has the "motor neurone disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)",that has made him paralysed is still capable of communicating.Well if he is paralysed and still can communicate responding to the mind bobbling theories he claims to be true, infact most if them are true

So coming to the point what is it that he uses. Well, he is using a new system developed by Intel to speak,to speak being paralysed that's astonishing but for the information he does not really speaks but the system attached to his all time partner i.e his wheelchair is able to sense what he wants to ,needs to narrate and finds suitable words for him. The idea was inspired from a pre-established , developed company which deployed Swiftkey keyboard and gave the concept of automatic Text prediction we all know now.

This is the way the chair works -

  • It senses the signals from Hawking's Brains and coverts the signal to electrical circuit.
  • The circuit is designed according to Hawking's Brain frequency which means the system could only sense what Hawking's thinks.
  • The signals convert themselves to letters or words and projects towards the screen on the chair.

The most fascinating thing about the chair is that it can even suggest Hawking's about things he need to think or do , behaving like a guardian to him.

What Is AI

Modern era or should we call it the Technology era.Human efforts are constantly made to decrease but the man is still not satisfied.Working over the commands behaving a boss is all he need.From google voice or siri or cortana to self-driven cars ,from google search algorithm's to automatic deadly weapons - everything is equipped with Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence simply means brains that does not run on human but on neural networks.Chipset or processor's that doesn't need any human help to function can be termed to AI.Think of your Mobile Phone that charges itself , replies to your social networking sites , makes you an article for your office work -wouldn't it be life changing .That would be AI in your life.

The Warning

The above image depicts AI to be life changing in Good aspects but image doesn't depict the realities.After seeing the capabilities the machine was holding ,made Hawking's more interested towards Artificial Intelligence .
But after some thought's that struck his mind ,made him worried and he gave the below warning -

"The technology used by him i.e Artificial Intelligence if made to gain all the power then Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn't compete, and would be superseded."

It seems to be the same concept as of the Terminator and other high demanding sci-fi's , that arises the thrust of AI to every human. But Mankind may suffer to quench this thrust.

It seems that Hawking's had realized the potentials ,but no one seems to think like him.Well our scientists who believe of themselves to be the mad ones over the horizon have made a great leap in AI. A software named "CLEVERBOT" has been developed which responds same as a human .Does that mean it has feelings ,and if it has then wouldn't he would have same perspectives like that of humans.

In fact all the major companies such as Google ,Facebook , Yahoo , Twitter - all have their individual AI department .The method where ads are displayed on all of their pages are according to the users demand.It senses what a user needs on his search history -this use of AI has made it worth.

There are no outcomes till now where AI seemed to be disturbing or harmful ,but no one knows if feelings arises the the brain will try to conquer.

Imagine a World With SuperBots

A world with AI equipped bots can have following two scenarios-

The First could be bots reducing the human efforts advancement in science brings relief the medical patient,non-curable diseases now have a cure as Bots can do what human can't.A bot standing besides you ready to follow your commands ,if you are a shopkeeper the tasks like stocking,profit calculation or how much bargain to allow or profit calculation could be done by him and you would be sitting idle counting money.

The second scenario would be Bots in the hands of terrorists or community haters attacking the city with their full potential in the daylight which are unstoppable.One single Bot who is capable of facing any missile or equipped weapons would possible have powers to remove every progress that city has made in years.Imagine a Bot that demands you extortion sent to you by gangster's a slight slap from the bot could give you pain you'll never forget

Robot At SXSW Says She Wants To Destroy Humans | The Pulse |

The Pulse

The Pulse is One of the greatest Achievement of AI.She can respond to any human without even making him notice about the bot functionality she contains.

Pulse has made a great advancement because of the following

  • She has an eye sensor fit-in which enables her to respond to human's using EXPRESSIONS.She can smile,cry,look angry or tensed which you can see in the video.
  • She has some desires and feelings like - favourite Color,Tv Show,food etc..
  • But Her desire to destroy humans is somewhere as she feels locked up by humans.And her desire is the only threat.

Pulse is a robot made by humans which in context should show human as their creator but she can't handle the controlling behavior just like us.Everyone who has heart or brains needs to be free can't it be the same with Robots.Well its upon you on which basis you see the truth but a turth is always a truth.Man can control animals but Robots have no mercy they can easily clear or wipe up the Human race , leaving no plant of human existence behind.


Most Scientist's believe that AI can have two aspects ,either benevolent or malevolent.The scenarios in both cases would be life changing.

To think of AI to be beneficial we could think of it as an helping Intelligence to find out cure to diseases ,going into the places where human can't survive,exploring new areas of research ,using them as test objects for human benefits.But on other alternative AI would be more tough and Strict than human it would not stop until the goal is achieved not matter if the way is devastating to reach.It would not think even once to destroy anything that comes in way.

To think of AI as devastating would not be a long thinking process,even today there are autonomous weapons which have the power to whip away the earth without leaving a leaf.Such weapons if fall in hands of someone who can do wrong can cause casualties.An AI arms race could inadvertently cause an AI war that would lead to high casualties.In the fear to be thwarted by the opposite enemy AI would not be designed such as to "TURN IT OFF" easily, it would possibly lead us to lose control over such situations. The risk would grow with successive growths of AI race ,thus leading to more outrageous outcomes.Over the next 15 years, AI technologies will continue to make inroads in nearly every area of our lives, from education to entertainment, health care to security.

The question is, are we ready? Do we have the answers to the legal and ethical quandaries that will certainly arise from the increasing integration of AI into our daily lives? Are we even asking the right questions?

Now, a panel of academics and industry thinkers has looked ahead to 2030 to forecast how advances in AI might affect life in a typical North American city and spark discussion about how to ensure the safe, fair, and beneficial development of these rapidly developing technologies.

Stephen Hawking's ,Bill Gates,Elon Musk and other leading tech experts have shown their concern for AI by giving open letters.If they can feel the threat it must be disastrous factor.

Do you think AI would be the reason of mankind's destruction?

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