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Hello Kitty silicone rubber iPhone cases

Updated on May 1, 2014

A Hello Kitty iPhone case is one of the most popular accessories for the smartphone. A wide range of Hello Kitty styles and designs have been made specifically to fit a range of models, including the iPhone 4, 4s and iPhone 5.

The designs range from the soft rubber silicone 3D style that features the full size Hello Kitty cat figure in a range of coloured costumes to a simple black wrap around case with the distinctive red bow on the top. There are also soft cases that have the Hello Kitty image and writing stamped on the back as well as plain black ones with the just the Hello Kitty whiskers and bow on the rare of the cover.

In addition to the very popular soft rubber silicone cases that can bend and are pleasant to the touch, there are an even bigger selection of hard plastic cases for the iPhone that have Hello Kitty designs on them. The styles that are available in this particular type of phone case are virtually limitless, and a quick browse through online shops and auctions sites such as eBay will throw up loads of results with different designs of the iconic Japanese character.

Another popular style of case are those with crystals attached to them. This gives a shiny and glittering 3D appearance to the case. The stones are sometimes labelled as Swarovski crystals, and the cases are much more expensive than the regular plastic or silicone models.

Hello Kitty silicone rubber iPhone cases
Hello Kitty silicone rubber iPhone cases

Hello Kitty products, and in particular phone cases, have become really popular among toddlers, young girls, teenagers and even women. Their appeal spans the generations and she has an enormous fan base, so it's no surprise that she's now adorning so many gadgets.

Who is Hello Kitty?

Hello Kitty was created by Japanese designer Yuko Shimizu in 1974 for Shintaro Tsuji, the owner of Saniro. The company realised a few years earlier that its products were selling better when they were adorned with cute designs, such as flowers or simple cartoon characters and Shimizuwas employed to come up with a new line of characters.

Hello Kitty, whose real name is Kitty White, was inspired by the cat that Alice plays with in Lewis Caroll's book Through The Looking Glass. Kitty's fictinoal backstory is that she was born in London, England, to parents George and Mary with a sister Mimmy. If you would like a more detailed look Kitty's life, the philosophy behind her and the phenomenal success behind the character, please click Who is Hello Kitty?

Hello Kitty's popularity is partly because she has been around for so long. Kitty originated in the 1970s from Japan (although her fictional past is that she was born in London) so older women still remember the character from when they were younger. However, the company behind the cat, Sanrio, have continued to successfully market their flagship cartoon character throughout the decades and she is more popular today to different age groups than ever before and her image appears on a vast range of products around the world. According to Wikipedia, Hello Kitty is featured on more than 50,000 different accessories in more than 60 different countries.

When the smart phone started to become popular a number of years ago, it soon became clear that another big industry linked to the phones would be cases and covers. This was the case when the iPhone made by Apple suddenly exploded on the electronics market and took the world by storm. All manner of designs of cases soon appeared in shops and online stores and considering that after the 1990s when Hello Kitty began appearing on laptops and other technology products it was only a matter of time before she started to appear on iPhone accessories.

The official Sanrio store sells a number of Hello Kitty iPhone cases and accessories, however, there are far more unofficial and unbranded products featuring the cat available through eBay. These have often been manufactured in China and the quality is of a high standard and is yet much cheaper than the limited range of goods available through Sanrio.

If you're thinking of buying a Hello Kitty case for you iPhone, then be sure to have a good look around the web for a style that you like and suits your needs. Hello Kitty cases also make a really great gift for someone who has been a fan of the character.

The cases are also available for other models of smartphones, so if you don't have an iPhone you can still enjoy the pleasure of having a Hello Kitty case. Try looking on eBay to find the best Hello Kitty iPhone case.

Rihanna with the iPhone knuckle case
Rihanna with the iPhone knuckle case


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