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Hi-Tek Multimedia, an Internet tale of two countries and of two brothers, Vietnam. Love of countries. America the beauti

Updated on March 9, 2013

From a tiny mustard seed this tree did grow

Big things start as tiny seeds, if they are nurtured and remembered.
Big things start as tiny seeds, if they are nurtured and remembered. | Source

Dreams do come true, with patience and hard work. Internet and passion are powerful motivators.

Some folks are just tough. Refugees are the toughest. Hi-Tek Multimedia is small firm doing amazing things in and on the Internet. Hi-Tek Multimedia has many accomplishments in domain names, Country Code Top Level Domains and the fairly new IDN or International Domain Names. Hi-Tek Multimedia does a significant amount of work in Vietnam, Mexico and the United States.

If this sounds a bit promotional, well it is, but not what you think. I use the above strictly as a springboard to talk about the wonderful Americans that started Hi-Tek, and have struggled with and have succeeded in the American dream. And they have done it in a most extraordinary way. I will just call them Tom and Lee and they are brothers.

Simple foods to us have great significants to others

Most Americans will not recognize these fruits.They compliment a marriage.
Most Americans will not recognize these fruits.They compliment a marriage. | Source

Roads to the Right place are often convoluted

There is a land far across the Pacific that is known as Vietnam. There was a horrible and bloody Civil War there that the Americans were fully involved with. From the 50’s thru the late eighties the word Vietnam was simply associated with that war and the horrible tragedies that attend any war. The communists won the war in about ’75 and began closing down the country as part of an effort to establish fully Vietnam with it’s own identity as communists.

Out of that war, somehow both these brothers arrived, literally on the shores of the United States, Lee as a full boat person and Tom in a more routine way. Refugees to be sure. Soon to be Americans for sure. But always Vietnam was and is a part of them. They both had a desire to return to their country and contribute to Vietnam’s well being.

In the early ‘90s just as Hi-Tek was starting here in America, Vietnam was beginning Doi Moi (roughly: New Beginning, but more like a flower blooming).

Lee and Tom now have their office in San Diego. Lee and Tom are still the hands on real owners of the company.

Around 1999 Lee and Tom began inquiring how they could be of use to Vietnam Now they are the operators for Vietnam’s IDN. Under their watch the .VNs International Domain Name are the fastest growing in the world, with well over 800,000,00 registered users. That is huge for a developing nation. And Lee and Tom have done it without detracting from the true identity of Vietnam. They have done this with a program that quite literally gives away domain names and small websites.

One good story usually produces offspring

Lee and Tom employ people both here and abroad. They contribute to society and help to make it better. And they do all that by helping one person communicate to another, and that is a great thing.

There is always a personal side for me. If it were not for my trips to Vietnam to establish a presence for Hi-Tek Multimedia, we would not have built offices there, and if we had not done that, we wouldn’t have hired my wife’s company with her as superintendent and then obviously we would not have fallen in love and had our 2.5 year old who’s Vietnamese name is My Son.

A ccTLD is a country code Top Level Domain. Like .COM all countries have their own like .UK, .CA,.Mx.

If you build it with characters that don’t have letters like we use in English, Spanish and German, then you would have a IDN for your country. Chinese and Arabic are huge.


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