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Magnet Techonology, How it Works, and What it Does

Updated on December 27, 2009

Qi Gong - The Beginnings

Chi, Qi, Ki

Created during the late Ming and early Qing, Chi is believed to be a natural energy force within the body. Like blood, Chi moves throughout the entirety of the body, flowing from one point to another. Like Chi, it also has many point of accumulation.

Originally developed for the purpose of developing peace of mind with nature and a practicer's surroundings, the concept of Chi has transformed into a method of achieving superior flexibility, rhythm and blood flow. Besides these three, other improvements include better:

  • focus
  • recovery
  • balance
  • strength

As demonstrated through the picture on the right, the body contains many pressure points that maintain the flow of Chi.  Through the practice of Tai Chi Chuan, a person can open these paths, allowing for greater blood flow and relaxation.

Qigong Master - Amazing Demonstration of Qi

As demonstrated by the video...

As demonstrated by the video, Chi is a very powerful force, and if controlled, can inflict varying degrees of positive and negative forces on an object.  

If you did not watch the video, these forces include:

  • pushing
  • pulling
  • manipulation of the movement of the body
  • heat
  • electricity
  • raw energy

Another Example

Medical Analysis

You're probably thinking, "There's no way this is real... Its just a hoax!"

Fortunately, there is a medical analysis of Chi.  In summary, the article states that:

  1. Chi embodies a natural energy field which is generated from the body.
  2. This force, for cells, mirrors the sense people know as sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste.
  3. The Genome of cells, with over 3 billion working parts, creates this force at a small level.  When combined with millions of other cells, this produces the energy demonstrated in the videos.

Modern Day Chi Amplifiers

Maybe you don't have enough time to learn and practice the 32 steps of Tai Chi Chuan, or maybe you aren't sure that this practice is even worthy of your time before further proof is evidenced...  So here's more proof.

In order to fit the busy schedule of the modern day working man/woman, a handful of companies have devoted their time to the production of tools to help alleviate stress without the hassle of learning and practicing.

The Science

The scientific explanation for how these work is that your body is constantly emitting a flow of energy based on your exposure to light photons.  What the magnets due, in a very very summarized way, is channel these photons by also absorbing light and focusing distinct energy flow throughout your entire body.

Although this may not seem convincing, as I thought before I tried it, once you put the magnets on there is a distinct difference.

Here is the quick test that they had me do in order to tell the difference:

The Test

The Differences

Now that I wear my magnets around all of the time, I have noticed several differences:

  1. My balance HAS improved dramatically (i.e. as a tennis player, balance is essential.  any minor changes can either improve or ruin your game... in this case it improved)
  2. I have much more endurance (i.e. training... sprinting, stretching, working out)
  3. And am much calmer (i.e. my breath-rate has gone down as I normally have a pretty high heart rate)

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I hope that this hub has helped you to decide that these bracelets really are amazing!

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