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Home Computer Problem: Running Slow & Printing Difficulties

Updated on March 26, 2012

Not sure what's wrong...

You've seen the message, the one telling you computer is not running at its optimal speed. It could be you need to delete your browsing history and cookies. I try to do that twice a month. If you're not sure how to do that, click on Tools (top of browsing page) and select Internet Options. Somewhere in the middle of the box you'll see where to delete your history.

I deleted my cookies, history and downloads but still my computer drug. Then I started having trouble printing coupons on my favorite sites. Ugh! That's when I began my journey into trouble shooting. What I found out was that all of my problems centered around Java.

What is Java?

Java is a special programming language that powers EVERYTHING from games to video to business applications and coupon printing. Without Java, your internet experience is dead in the water.

Every so often, Java has to be updated. Ususally your computer will tell you and direct you to Sun Microsystems. I highly recommend you are careful to only download it from them and not from a third party site. You just never know. And Java downloads are always free.

So I downloaded the latest version of Java, but still my problems of draining my available memory and inability to print coupons persisted. Now I deleated Java and downloaded it several times and I still had problems.

How I fixed my problem

  • Delete ALL other versions of Java, except the latest one. To do this for Windows 7, click on the Microsoft flag at the bottom left of the computer screen (or Start button for others), then on My Computer and look to Uninstall a Program.
  • You also need to delete all other forms of Java from what is called a Java Console. The only way I could find this console was to click on the Mircosoft flag again (or Start). In the search box, I typed in Java. Boom! More Java versions to delete! I again deleted everything except the top one which was the latest version.

Apparently the older version keep running and conflict with the new version and use up a lot of virtual memory.

Good luck on cleaning out your computer. Hope you are successful in getting your computer to run faster as well. Thanks for reading!


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