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Home Intercom System

Updated on September 12, 2009

Home Intercom Systems

Intercom systems have been available for a number of years and are used in both businesses and homes. The main purpose of these technologies is to allow individuals to speak with each other quickly, easily, without a phone line, but while not physically in the same room.

In apartments and larger cities like New York, intercoms are used so allow individuals to communicate with their guests who are requesting access to the building. These home intercoms are utilized to help keep people safe as well as expand communication capabilities.

When used in this manor, intercoms are often called doorphones. While most intercoms are portable, doorphones and intercoms for apartment or larger buildings are often permanently built into walls.

While mounted on a wall, these devices are essentially used to allow for quick and short communications with visitors, guests, or people reaching out to an individual.

Home intercoms allow individuals to communicate with each other while spread out across the house. These can sometimes be found in newer homes, or homes that had them specially added and are found in most rooms. These intercoms allow for families to communicate with each other without having to walk around throughout the house to find a family member

Buying Home Intercoms

When deciding on a home intercom be sure that the device will meet your needs. If you have a larger family with individuals spread out across your home, it will become very important that the intercom have the ability to link to all rooms so you can find the family member you looking for.

Be sure to check on how simple it is to install. While many effective intercoms are built into the wall, you can find intercoms that are quick and simply to setup. Ideally, setting up an intercom system in your home should include the easy steps of just plugging in the power.

Many home intercoms are used in ways that allow parents to listen into their sleeping children. This becomes especially important to individuals with new babies and want to ensure their childs safety.

Be sure that the device works the way you want. Some intercoms require individuals hold down a button to hear the messages from other individuals. With larger homes, it can be a real pain to walk to the wall to utilize a home intercom and communicate back to other family members.

Intercoms in Vehicles

In addition to intercoms in homes, many vehicles also include intercoms.  Vehicles, like larger boats, or on the water adventure devices, have created an additional market for selling Intercoms. 

Intercoms on these devices are often only used during special events.  The intercom is used to allow people to communicate with even staff on the boat or ship.  

Besides Boats, intercomes are also used on trains and even air planes.  


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