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Security Camera Installation For Home - Why is it a must for Home Security

Updated on July 23, 2012

Application of a CCTV Security Camera Installation For Homes

With the increase in the burglary and break open and advancement in technology, there is a need felt of something more than just a security guard. To beat the technology driven burglars, the solution also has to be technology driven and advanced enough to not only avoid such burglaries but also to identify the burglars during post event analysis.

A CCTV Security Camera Installation plays a key role in such a scenario, where there are several cameras installed at various locations of a house which need surveillance, all the live feed from these cameras are seen on a monitor at a central location inside the house also called central monitoring station. CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television – which means a live feed can be seen on TV/monitor via a closed circuit wiring in the house. But with the advent of internet technology term ‘closed circuit’ of CCTV has lost its meaning as nowadays the live feed can also be seen at a remote location with the help of internet. With its decreasing cost and increasing features, a security camera system has now become affordable even by a middle class segment for home security solutions.

Top four reasons for Security Camera Installation at Homes

Gone are the days when a security camera was either found in high-tech movies or in big corporate and Government Premises. Following are some of the compelling reasons – why a CCTV Security Camera should be the first choice for security to guard our houses against all unlikely events:-

  1. It acts as a deterrent to the outsiders with wrong intentions. Although there is also trend of installing covert security cameras to hide the same from outsiders and to monitor the outside activities secretly, but I believe instead of hiding it, one should consciously expose it to the outsiders so that it act as a warning for everybody. In fact at lot of place I have come across Home Security Systems with dummy CCTV Security Cameras to save on cost and still warn outsiders with dummies.
  2. Apart from acting as a deterrent, one can actually monitor the activities of the desired areas without even being present there. There are scenarios where one has to keep a watch at multiple locations, but one cannot himself present at all the locations at the same time. A security camera proves its utility in such a scenario. You do need to be present at all the places, and you are also not required to place security guards with recurring costs to guard these places, when you have an access to IP Security Cameras for surveillance and remote monitoring.
  3. A security camera proves its utility not only during the unlikely event to detect it, but also during the post event analysis. When theft is already happened and we need to check what has really happened in the whole day in our absence. At times it can even go up to the extent of helping us in identifying the burglars and can be a great help to Police Officials.
  4. The technological advancement has not only decrease the cost of ownership of such a system but also has provided us various new features like capability to operate in wireless scenario, remote monitoring, alarm generation, two way audio from camera to central monitoring station etc.


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    • chaturrajneesh profile imageAUTHOR

      Rajneesh Chaturvedi 

      6 years ago from India

      Thanks Sir, for checking it out. The problem is that our security requirements are generated as a reactive measure and not as a preemptive measure.

    • prasadjain profile image


      6 years ago from Tumkur

      A useful article.Now a days we have to make our own securities.


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