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Home Theater Building Tips

Updated on December 22, 2009

I am sure if I asked you this question “Would you like to enjoy watching movies in the comfort of your home?” I am sure you would answer YES. This has been made possible due to improvement and advancement of home theater systems making it affordable to any one who wish to own one.

In fact, building one is becoming a favorite DIY projects of many. By the way, a home theater system is a collection of electronic components that are connected to recreate the Cineplex experience in you own living room. Well isn’t it great to have some quality family time watching movies together.

6 Tips for Building Your Own Home Theatre

Setting up a home theater system is not difficult but before doing that here are six tips to take note off before you invest your money into a system.

1 - Start from scratch

If you are planning to build a home theater, it is best to start planning before moving in to a new house or apartment,if that is possible. If this is the case, you can decide early on where you want to lay down the cables as well as place the display, speakers and the other components. A major advantage of this approach is that it can help to minimize any unnecessary rearrangements of furniture or re wiring. However even if this is not possible, you will still need to plan ahead of where you need to have your home theater.

2 – Space required.

Once you have decided the place, the next thing is to work out the space that you have. Not every one can have an ideal space of 100 squared meters. Therefore measured up the area as the available space will determine the type of TV screen size, speaker arrangement and length of wires required. Ideally, the room should be an enclosed as this will minimize any external interference. Another tip is you may consider placing acoustic materials on the walls for maximizing the surround sound effect.

3 - Quality cables.

Do note be a miser when it comes to cables. Good quality cables will contribute to producing quality sound.

You may ask how does this work.

You see, good quality cables are well protected and this prevents interference from speakers and the stereo system. On the other hand, poor quality cables will produce an annoying buzzing sound due to interference. And further more it will affect the performance of the whole home theater system.

In addition, quality cables require minimal maintenance and they last. As most folks like to embed the cables into walls, quality cables will ensure durability. I am sure you don’t like breaking up walls in order to fix wires.

An example of a home theater setup
An example of a home theater setup

4 - Lighting.

As for lighting, do not use anything that light up like the sun. Remember you are recreating the theater experience, you don’t see over bright lights in the theater do you? As a suggestion, you can opt for down lights with dimmer control. This way you can get to control the brightness and able to set the ambience you intend to create.

5 – Screen Size.

Do not forget this as screen size does matter. This is a basic requirement. The size of the TV screen has to fit right and proportional with the size and measurement of your home theatre space. Too large a screen in a small area will be uncomfortable to the eyes. Apart from that, the pictures produced, the pixilation stands out.

6 - Location of speakers.

In order to achieve maximum sound effect, the speakers are to be arranged symmetrically. Such an arrangement produces a maximum surround sound effect. At the same time the speakers like the rear ones will have to be relatively near where you sit as this enhances the surround sound effects and hear the quality sound produced.

Well with these six tips, you can be on the way to set up your perfect home theater system. Enjoy!


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    • profile image

      Setup Home Theater 7 years ago

      Excellent tips for any beginner.

      You covered all the technology required perfectly, but people shouldn't forget about seating, after all, you will be sitting there for 2-3 hours often, and so want to be as comfortable as possible.

    • profile image

      Colorado Springs Carpet 7 years ago

      This is a great post with some great tips. Absolutely beautiful. You have given me inspiration in our basement. We wanted to build a home theater, but had not really seen anything until you actually wanted. Good work.