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Honey App

Updated on August 19, 2014

How Honey Works

Honey works by collecting thousands of coupons for online retailers. When you have a product in your basket you simply click the honey button on the chrome extension and it automatically checks all available discounts making sure that you didn't lose out on savings. One of the worst feelings in online shopping is finding out after you purchased a product that there were valid coupons that you could have used. Most online retailers look the other way, allowing you to spend substantially more money than you could have even though they were offering promotional discounts. The honey app evens the playing field, I have been using it for a few months now and the added certainty the app brings allows shopping to go by much faster. The team that designed this app did a great job in providing maximum utility without sacrificing simplicity. I used to scrounge Amazon and Google for codes that might be valid for the product I was purchasing, honey gives me the peace of mind that I am getting the lowest price when I shop online.

Honey's coupon code viewer

By clicking on Honey's extension icon you can see all valid coupons including their expiration dates. On checkout Honey will automatically try all of the codes to ensure that no savings are missed!
By clicking on Honey's extension icon you can see all valid coupons including their expiration dates. On checkout Honey will automatically try all of the codes to ensure that no savings are missed!

"Our goal at Honey is to help you save time and money when shopping online"

Honey Team

Honey App Review

I have been using Honey whenever I use Amazon, since that is the only place I shop online on a regular basis. So far I have only saved money on a few purchases (about 20%) of the time. However, the times I did save money it was almost half off! The coupon finder seems to not usually find a match for your exact product but when it does the savings are substantial. Honey gives you the ability to see behind the scenes of all of amazons promotions, sales, and discounts on individual products

The Honey app also has a really cool feature where if you click the icon it shows you all coupons and sales. For example, if you are on Amazon shopping around you can use Honey to browse every coupon to see if there is something you like at a massive discount. This is great for individual products since amazon doesn't let you see a list of all their products that have individual discounts. Also many of these coupons are created and expire very quickly, sometimes over just a few days. Honey keeps track of all the expiration dates associated with each coupon code so that you can think about a purchase without guessing when your coupons expire. This added layer of confidence with expiration dates, and having them in such a simple viewer is a big help. I use this feature whenever I am using amazon just to see if something I have been looking to buy is on sale for less than half it's usual price. Seeing these deals itemized in one place simply didn't happen until I got this app, it has transformed the way I use amazon.

Another Cool feature on the Honey app is that it shows all current sales running on Amazon. For example, while I'm writing this there is a code for 20% off the entire kids clothing and shoes department. Imagine spending a few hundred dollars on back to school clothes without realizing you could have saved 20%. These coupons that apply to entire departments are incredibly useful because they apply to a wide range of products regardless of branding, price, etc. Sometimes you can find really good ones, like discounts on entire electronics departments! I am sure I missed quite a few promotions and coupons prior to getting Honey.

Finally, the extension icon even illuminates yellow when you are on a website that Honey collects coupon codes for. This is a very simple, smartly designed app that is a must have for anyone that uses amazon or that shops online. The days of hunting for coupon codes online are over thanks to Honey!

What do you think of Honey?

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