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Host Your Website with HostPapa

Updated on May 20, 2012

A web site needs a place to live

Your web site consists of numerous data files, animations, programming, HTML, flash, configuration, and other stuff that may or may not have been invented yet. These files absolutely must be stored on a computer network, else no one will be able to see them. Your site needs a home in the cloud. In fact, web sites have been 'in the cloud' for as long as web sites have been in existence.

It only costs a little bit

A service company such as HostPapa will let you store your site on their computers. For a little more money they will also let other people point their web browsers at your site and download it. All in all the price is very right. A nominal fee of less then $4.00 per month will put your web pages on the same stage as the big boys. HubPages and also are on the same Internet as you and your little podunk site. It's an egalitarian paradise.

For your monthly $4.00 stipend you might expect to recieve a place to upload your web page files as well as a 'back-end' database such as MySQL. The database does not have to be actually used by you or your representatives. You may, in the future, elect to implement a blog such as WordPress. That obligates a database. You might even choose to install a digital relationship power tool such as Joomla or Drupal. The names seem goofy, but many savvy computer professionals invested much of their time programming these programs for you. Don't laugh.

Plan to spend more if your traffic really picks up. High levels of traffic usually mean comcomittently high levels of income streams. Were you sufficiently ambitious to put Google ads and eBay capsules and Amazon sales pitches on your site, your income just might possibly skyrocket once in a while. It's something to look forward to.

Should You Design Your Own Site?


Your site should look as if it was designed by someone with modern sensibilities. Use your time to do what you do best: that's not designing web pages. Invest a few dollars in a graphic design provided by a professional graphic designer. HostPapa doesn't care either way, but your friends will like you more and Google will look favorably upon your if your colors do not clash.

Is HostPapa something special?

HostPapa is green. They are so green that birds nest in their gutters and Bambi has a reserved table in the cafeteria. They don't use fossilized energy. Computers run off wind and solar and hydroelectirc electricity flowing gently into the motherboards.


The hard unswerving truth is that HostPapa runs off the same coal that we all do, but they pay a spiff to green energy providers. These disembodied folks happily accept HostPapa funds, then inject electricity into the grid after extracting it with green technologies. It's all good and it makes HostPapa look warm and fuzzy. We are happy about it.

Are other companies green?

Kermit is green, but he complains about it. He's also a frog. Other companies offering to sell you space on the Internet are also green. Some enterprising enterprises actually sport windmills on the roof, but most probably employ a strategy similar in nature to that of HostPapa. It's all good because they get to make a dollar and we enjoy an assuaged conscience.

Why HostPapa?

The company represents the current state of web site locating. You have a site, it needs a home on the Internet, and putting a server under your bed becomes inconvenient as soon as the kid across the street begins storing his pirated movies on it. You simply do not have the time or expertise to maintain a properly secured web computer. HostPapa handles the security. They install the patches. They close the unused ports and batten down the digital hatches. Your files tend to be much more secure when the people running the computers are paying attention 24 hours a day.

They also have a bigger pipe than you do. Your internet connection is severely bandwidth limited relative to the virtually unlimited resources of HostPapa server farms. When your home page appears on the first page of Digg or Reddit or Oprah Winfrey, you'll be glad that HostPapa is helping out. No one wants a crashed web site except people who make money fixing crashed web sites.


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