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Hot Spring Trends on

Updated on April 24, 2011

No Surprise Here...

The Kindle is one of the hottest buys on Amazon this spring. No surprises there!

This electronic e-reader has become the wave of the future for most avid readers, and is on the hot list of great gifting items. It's a great gift, a cool gadget and a great way to encourage reading for all ages.

Next on the hot list, is the Apple iPod Touch with 32 Gigabytes. It's the fourth generation of ipod and the newest model. Anyone who's anyone is buying these up quickly. They offer everything you need for music and video, plus so much more. Which is why they have hit the best sellers list on Amazon this spring.

Adobe Photoshop has also made it onto the best selling items list. It's the new Elements 9 that has captured consumer attention this spring. No doubt they are going to offer some sweet upgrades to Elements 8 and some prime tools for adobe fans.

Amazon Books

The Kindle may be cool, but it still has yet to do away with good old fashion hardback and paper back books. There are still scads of them and they have no problems continuing to make best selling lists on Amazon.

Some top hits on Amazon this spring, are BossyPants by Tina Fey, which is something I've been eying for a while. I listened to an interview on NPR where they spoke with her about writing Bossypants. It was very intriguing and definitely caught the attention of millions of book lovers.

The Dukan Diet is the next revolution in the evolution of dieting fads. The Dukan Diet offers just two simple steps to losing all those excess pounds, and promises two more simple steps that will help you keep that fat boogie monster away for life.

Pamper Me

Spring time is the time to pamper your and your family even more, especially since you are likely to be working harder then ever in this time of year. Between work, planting, shopping, holidays, babies and birthdays, there are lots of things you can grab on Amazon this spring that can help make things easier.

First on the list: Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes. Ironically, the pampers sensitive baby wipes refills are even hotter then the original set up of wipes. Though you have to start somewhere right? So why not get yourself some sensitive baby wipes and save yourself and your little one from having to deal with any down there problems this spring.

After you've taken care of the offspring, then it's time to check out what Amazon has to offer you in the jewelry department this spring. The top of the hot list in the jewelry dept are some awesome sterling silver filgree dragon pendants, which come directly from the amazon collection. Check them out, they look like they can accessorize with just about anything, and dragonflies are always good luck!

Something New and Something Blue

The obvious hot trends on Amazon, are going to be in the electronics, jewelry, books, dvd's and apparel sections. Though what many neglect to check out, are the kitchen, gourmet food, industrial, watches and miscellaneous sections.

Some of my favorite items in these categories are:

Toyolo King Sized Ice Trays! The first thing that pops into my mind when I see these king sized ice trays, are hot summer days licking square king sized kool-aid popcicles! Green, blue, red, purple and all the other rainbowistic flavors developed. 

Pyle Pro XLR Male to Female Microphone Cables. Being that they are just under 7 bucks, these cables would be perfect for any hobby musicians or novices.

If you've found you have issues with the Nintendo HDE wireless sensor bar, then you might soon be joining the ranks of satisfied amazon customers who have purchased an HDE Nintendo wired sensor bar. This item has hit the hot list, because many wii users have found themselves unhappy with the bugs that come with the wireless sensor. Just remember to pick the wired sensor up when you're not playing with it!

Your Spring Shopping

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