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Hover Bike, an economical alternative to personal flights

Updated on April 1, 2016

If Christopher Columbus never left his homeland, somebody else would have discovered America. Man by nature is wired to explore. Since wright brothers flew their first prototype in 1903, man’s quest for the sky and beyond has now paced humanity in the path to colonize mars. People have begun trading plots on the moon and space tourism will soon kick off.

However, down on earth the roads are being over occupied by automobiles. A significant portion of people’s time is wasted on traffic jams. Though we may have conquered the sky and space, the part of the atmosphere to the surface remains relatively untouched except by drones in the recent past. Here are some amazing products that could put an end to our traffic problems while granting our wish to fly – like birds.

Aero-X hover bike

The first of its kind off road bike – called the hover bike, will hover above the streets through the air bypassing traffic. Aerofex, an aerospace engineering corporation from LA has launched the first flying bike named as Aero-X. This thrilling machine runs on white-petrol. Aero-X, the hover-bike rises up to 10 feet above the ground with the help of its fan like rotors facing to the ground and can move at a maximum of 45 miles (72kms) per hour and is now available for pre-orders. Aero-X, can take off vertically eliminating the need for any accelerated take off or runway. It costs as much as the flagship range super bikes, but it is obviously way cooler, fingers crossed. Though not an alternative to aero planes, it could revolutionize short distance commutation.

ArcaBoard, the hover board

Meanwhile ARCA Space Corporation another aerospace company from New Mexico has invented a Hover-board named as ArcaBoard with maximum power of 272 HP. It will rise up to a maximum height of 1 foot whereas its maximum speed is up to 12 miles per hour. Instead of 1 or 2 big rotors it has 36 different mini rotors which helps it to rise up from the ground and hover around. It is designed to work safely even at the event of rotor failure.

Lexus Slide

Lexus, the luxury automobile maker and division of Toyota have invented a skateboard without wheels which is also a hover-board and named Slide. It works of the principle of magnetic levitation, utilizing the repelling force that arise when like same poles of magnets are brought closer. Meant to levitate at 2-3 inches above ground, it could increase the efficiency of vehicles and reduce pollution. However, special pathways would be required for its working.

Ehang 184

The time has come when you see more drones than birds are in the sky. But Ehang, a Chinese company made the first drone which can carry human. Ehang 184 is a low altitude Automation Arial Vehicle which works in electricity. It is designed to be completely green technology and eco-friendly in addition to some safety features like it is always connected to command center which can guide you through any difficulties. It is smart flight and has 4G network connectivity means you only have to set your destination location and it will take you there in few time. It has 4 propellers and carbon fiber body makes it easy to lift up to 100 KG human where as it can sail at an average speed of 1000 km/hr.




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