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How Apple Changed the World

Updated on September 3, 2012

Every so often, major events occur in the world that change culture and society. These are simply events that alter everything even if you, yourself, do not buy into it. For instance, color TV and films, before 1966, nearly all TV shows were broadcast in B\W, then in 1967, everything was. The Beatles in 1964, changed rock and pop music forever, even had the first rock videos, set clothing trends and of course, their signature change for men, long, non-greasy hair-the Beatle look you see everywhere still, whether you know it or not. The mini-skirt for women of the mid-sixties and then the bra-less look.

When Apple introduced the iPhone, it changed that industry and changed how society used cell phones from non-reliance to reliance because of the zillions of apps available for it. Apple introduced the new English word, app, for application. When you say app, most likely it is for a cell phone. How many?

36 billion apps will be downloaded this year alone. By 2017, the number rises to 136 billion. The iPhone has more than 650,000 apps available for the iPhone. Apps for the Android phones pales in comparison.Of these, over 17,000 apps are for health and fitness, over 68,000 deal with entertainment, over 36,000 are for travel, over 15,000 for finances, over 150,000 deal with books or watching TV or movies, over 16,000 deal with photos or sharing them and 14,000 deal with getting a date\relationship. There are more!

Having so many presents the consumer a problem with choice, much like walking into a grocery store. With so much choice, comes indecision and duplication. Sometimes, less IS more. Think that each app may cost you a few bucks, and then think how profitable it is for one to create a new app for the iPhone and multiply it by thousands who buy it at $3 a pop. Some staggering money is being made on silly games or apps. There are apps for just about everything, some are way more useful than others.

Some apps are lame. I think all fitness and some health ones are a waste. Just use your common sense. You know if you need to lose pounds and you know what it takes to do it: watch what you eat and exercise. Why do you need an app for that? Apps for meeting friends or trying to figure out what to do is silly, why not just call them and get an instant response, instant decision? Apps for watching TV or movies on such a small screen are also a waste unless you have no other choice, ditto for reading books with an iPhone. That is why they have e-readers! Apps about finding a date-huh, just how accurate can they be?

The thing about apps is that most will require a subscription fee monthly for the service, some are free, but not many. So, besides the cost of downloading it, there is more expense monthly. $5 there and there per app, per month, can rapidly cause a frown on your face.

The Apple and Android phones all offer apps to make your life better. Just be sure you REALLY need it and will use it frequently.


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    • perrya profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Very true. It are apps that make many buy the phone.

    • William Young profile image

      William Young 

      6 years ago from Eaglle Grove, Iowa

      Excellent article! Steve Jobs was a visionary and is greatly missed!


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