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How Big Data Technologies are changing the world today

Updated on April 10, 2015

Big data technologies like Cassandra, Mahout, Hadoop, and R Programming are changing the world today in various ways. Maybe you know that big data technologies are popular in the digital world as they are used in the digital world. However, they are useful in the material world also in different aspects. Government organizations, companies, businesses, and individuals are benefitted with big data technologies. They provide new and great opportunities to businesses, individuals, companies, and government organizations. It can be used for solving significant global problems, helps in new scientific innovations, provides coordinated information, and greatly improves the efficiency and decision making of the society.

Optimizes business processes

Big data technologies help in optimizing business processes. Retail business owners can upgrade their stocks based on the calculations generated through web search trends, weather forecasts and social media data. HR processes can also be improved with the help of big data analytics, which includes talent acquisition, staff engagement and analyzing of the company culture.

Improves health care industry

The big data analytics has the computing power that helps the healthcare providers to decode the DNA strings within minutes. By decoding the DNA strings, the healthcare providers can find cures for diseases and also understand the pattern of the diseases. Big data technologies are already used in monitoring babies in premature care units. By using big data technologies, the infant care unit records and analyzes the heart beats and breathing patterns of the babies. The unit will be able to create algorithms that can predict the infections in babies 24 hours prior to the occurrence of the physical symptoms of the disease. Thus, the medical team can provide early treatment for the fragile babies to save their precious life. Big data analytics also helps us to predict and monitor the outbreak of diseases and epidemics.

Understanding the potential customers

This is one of the popular uses of big data technologies today. In this case, the big data analytics enables you to understand the preferences and behaviors of the potential customers. To understand the requirements of the customers, companies are interested in expanding their data sets with browser logs, text analytics, social media data, and sensor data. The major objective of most companies is to develop analytical models. Hence, by using big data technologies in companies, they can predict the whereabouts of the customer.

Personal and performance analysis

Big data technologies can be used to analyze individuals also. Analyzing the personal data of an individual helps to improve their performance and productivity. The dating sites online are also applying the big data analytics to find appropriate matches. The performance of players can also be tracked using big data technologies. The video data analytics help you to analyze the performance of each player. The sensor technology incorporated with the sports equipments such as golf sticks or cricket balls help you to receive feedback on the game. Thus, you can improve the game by analyzing the mistakes and solving them. The emotional well-being of the sportspersons is also tracked using this smart technology by keeping an eye on the nutritional intake, calorie intake, sleep, and social media interactions of the players.

Improves law enforcement and security

Big data technologies are used to improve the law enforcement and security processes. Big data analytics are used by National Security Agency, USA to analyze the terrorist plots. It also can help you to detect cyber crimes as well as to prevent them. Police can use big data analytics to catch lawbreakers and predict any criminal activities. Credit card companies can detect fraud transactions through credit cards by using big data tools.

Helps in financial trading

The big data technologies can be used in financial trading. The algorithms provided by the big data tools help you to make the right trading decisions. Nowadays, several equity trading processes are carried out with the help of big data algorithms as the algorithms analyze the signals from news and social media websites that help you in making important trading decisions.

To conclude, big data technologies have been changing the world and will continue to do so. The big data analytic tools will help us to make life easier and we can co-exist in our surroundings with great harmony in this fast paced world.



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