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How Can I Fix The Facebook Newsfeed Disappeared Glitch?

Updated on April 27, 2014
How Can I Get My Facebook Newsfeed Back?
How Can I Get My Facebook Newsfeed Back?

Currently, many people are reporting issues with their Facebook newsfeed.

If your newsfeed has disappeared, don't worry - it's not just you.

There are dozens of complaints across a wide range of websites and forums, as well as Facebook itself, regarding the newsfeed completely disappearing, glitching or otherwise causing major issues for users.

There also seem to be a few other unrelated glitches across the site.

Here is a brief guide to what's going on, what it means, who it effects and how to deal with this issue.

What Devices Are Effected?

Currently, there are reports of many types of devices having this issue, including iPhones, iPads and Androids.

Some people are also reporting issues on computers as well.

This indicates that it's no particular type of access method, but rather an issue with Facebook's site itself.

What Other Glitches Are Occurring?

Facebook seems to be experiencing a lot of glitches this week, often a sign that some big changes are being rolled out across the site, if history is anything to go by.

Alongside newsfeed issues, people are also experiencing some of these issues:

  • Inbox messages not sending, or completely disappearing.
  • Lags or slow loading pages.

The solutions listed below will also help resolve these problems too, in most cases.

How Can I Fix My Facebook Newsfeed?

Because this is a sitewide glitch on Facebook itself, there is no quick fix for this currently. So there are several options:

  1. Don't update your apps. In some cases this is causing the issue to occur, although not in all cases.
  2. Try a different internet browser.
  3. Wait an hour - many people are finding the issue is only temporary.
  4. Try a different device - a computer or an iPhone or a Tablet instead.
  5. If you're using Facebook on an app, try accessing it via a browser such as Safari instead.
  6. If you're looking for particular updates, visit the profile of the page or person directly, using the Facebook search feature.
  7. If you're wanting to skip the feed altogether and get notified of important updates, mouse over "friends" or "liked" on the page/profile in question and turn on "Get Notifications". Each time that page/profile posts, you'll receive a notification in your notification box, with a link to visit it directly.
  8. [Unconfirmed] Adding a new Facebook friend will make your feed return.

Contacting Facebook Directly

If you're experiencing ongoing issues, you can try the following two methods to reach resolution.

  • Post in the Community Forum - Although Facebook staff may not answer due to the huge number of posts, you may often receive advice from other experienced users.
  • Contact Facebook Directly - This is a list of forms that can be used to send a message to Facebook staff.

Images via Pixabay under Creative Commons Deed CC0, alterations & content by author.


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