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How Do I Fix My Computer Because It Keeps Crashing

Updated on August 31, 2011

How Do I Fix My Computer Because It Keeps Crashing

How do I fix my computer because it keeps crashing is a question I am often asked. Over the many years that I have had a computer I have taught myself quite a bit about computers. I see a lot of computers with out spyware protection or virus protection. Those are two things that every computer must have or you will end up having serious problems. There is also another computer program I strongly suggest everyone have and that is a program called CC Cleaner. With it you can clean up computer problems and fix most registry problems with just a few clicks.

Avast has a great free antivirus program and a great free spyware program is Spyware Terminator. I am not going to include links to these but you can find them with a Google Search. You can also find CC Cleaner with a Google Search.

STOP * Caution * STOP

Use care when you search for these programs through Google. Be sure that you are in fact downloading the program you are looking for and not clicking another link for some other program. I have run into this happening. I strongly suggest not downloading any registry cleaner program or programs that try to download automatically. Use extreme care with any link you click. Don't download a program that is going to cause problems on your computer.

Another big thing is if Google or another Search Engine warns you about a web site in search engine results don't go to these web sites. You are playing with fire if you do and you could ruin your computer by accidentally down loading a maleware program.

If you have the CC Cleaner Program , the Avast Antivirus Program , and the Spyware Terminator your computer should be pretty much protected. Run the CC Cleaner at least twice a week and use the Spyware Terminator at least twice a week. The Avast Antivirus Program will be running all the time on your computer once you install it. Allow it to do a boot time scan when it suggests and it will keep your computer virus free.

Another thing most people forget is their computers firewall. Keep it on to protect your computer. There are some nasty things that can possibly get in if your firewall is not on. If something does get in you may notice your home page has been changed and you may start getting strange messages on your computer. There are some maleware programs out there that will basically take over your computer and try to force you to pay to have them removed. With some of these you may even find a sales message image added to your desk top background instead of the desk top background image you did have.

If you go to a certain web site and you have computer problems suddenly occur don't go back to that web site. If your anti-virus program warns you about a particular web site then don't go back there.

Use real caution with any download link you click on. If your not careful you could let a real nasty get loose on your computer. Only download from well known trusted sites. A lot of ringtones and screensavers have spyware or malware hidden inside th
Use real caution with any download link you click on. If your not careful you could let a real nasty get loose on your computer. Only download from well known trusted sites. A lot of ringtones and screensavers have spyware or malware hidden inside th

What Do I Do If My Computer Freezes Up

Your computer may freeze up or stop working for any number of reasons. Below I will give you some ideals to use to help you as you work with your computer.

1. If you notice your computer freezing up when you are typing long documents or other type of work then be sure you save your work often so that you won't lose all you rwork if the computer does freeze up on you.

2. Often if your computer freezes up you can push the Escape Key and wait a few seconds and the computer will unfreeze. If it doesn't you can push Control-Alt-Delete and it will bring up your computers Task Manager. Your Task Manager will let you know what programs are responding and what programs are not. Click end task on any program that is not working.

How To De-Fragment Your Computer

People often forget that every so often your computer will need to be defraged.

1. You first need to close all the running programs on your computer.

2. Go to the Start Menu and then choose Programs and then Accessories.

3. Now you want to click on System Tools and then Disk Defragmenter.

4. Now follow the instructions on the program when it opens for your operating system.

You will need to defrag your computer about once a month. And be sure to read any warning message the Defrag Program may give you to read. If your computer needs for you to run the defrag program you may notice your computer running slower or sluggish. One really good thing is that the more often you defrag your computer the less time it will take for the operation to complete.

In a windows operating system you will find a disk clean up utility that you should run at least once a month. What this does is remove temporary files, cookies , and other unnecessary components to speed up your computer.

You can go to Control Panel and then Add And Remove Programs and remove any programs you don't use or no longer need. You may find programs your kids or other people have downloaded and installed. Just be careful what programs you remove. Be sure you know what it is before you remove it. By removing unwanted or unused programs you will speed up your computer.

You will speed up your computer also by having a good anti-virus program on your computer and by using your Anti-Spyware program often. You should also download and use the CC Cleaner program and run it at least twice a week. Another great ideal is to use a great browser like Firefox. If you use Firefox it will speed up your web browsing and protect you from annoying pop ups.

Extended Warranties

If you purchase a new computer you should go ahead and purchase the extended warranty for your computer. You can usually purchase a three to five year extended warranty for your computer and two years or so from now when your computer has a melt down you will be glad you purchased that extended warranty. Just be sure that any extended warranty you purchase will replace your computer if it has a major problem.

Well I hope those ideals will help you with the question, " How Do I fix My Computer Because It Keeps Crashing ". Please post your comments or questions below in the comment section and thanks for reading.

Post Your Comments Or Questions Now About , " How Do I Fix My Computer Because It Keeps Crashing. And Thanks For Reading.

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    • profile image

      wwolfs 6 years ago

      Great computer tips. I recently had to restore mine though I lost everything I had in it. Put all my programs back into it and did your suggestions. I ran the avast antivirus and it said I had some infected files. It seems to be working really great now. Bookmarking your hub for future use. Thank you!

      Voted useful!

    • crazyhorsesghost profile image

      Thomas Byers 6 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Your very welcome and thanks for your comment.

    • Victoria Lynn profile image

      Victoria Lynn 6 years ago from Arkansas, USA

      Voted up, useful, and awesome! Saving this hub to refer back to! Thanks for writing it!

    • imatellmuva profile image

      imatellmuva 6 years ago from Somewhere in Baltimore

      Thank you crazyhorsesghost! Voted up and BOOKMARKED!

    • JohnM profile image

      JohnM 6 years ago from Miami Florida

      Great tips. I have followed along and did all the suggested things and my computer is running great. That CC Cleaner program is just great.

    • Paradise7 profile image

      Paradise7 6 years ago from Upstate New York

      Good, though standard, advice.

    • crazyhorsesghost profile image

      Thomas Byers 6 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Your very welcome. A lot of people miss the very common things they should be doing to make sure their computer operates well.

    • Seeker7 profile image

      Helen Murphy Howell 6 years ago from Fife, Scotland

      Very interesting article with great tips for computer dumbos like me. I haven't heard of the CC cleaner programme but will check it out. Many thanks for sharing.