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How Do I Save a CSV File As XLS

Updated on September 10, 2012

What is a CSV File

A CSV file is a way of saving and storing data. The name is an abbreviation of Comma Separated Value, meaning that there's nothing in the file other than the raw data- no formatting or other information. That doesn't mean that existing spreadsheet tools can't make use of this type of file though. On the contrary, a CSV file is handy to use when importing or exporting data sets from one type of software to another- for example taking a list of sales leads from Excel and inputting it into a database is a process which might make use of a CSV format- it removes all surplus formatting and information and allows you simply to take the raw data from one application and import it into another.

Saving a CSV File as XLS

It really couldn't be much simpler to save a CSV file as XLS. If this sort of importing isn't something you've done before, however, you aren't alone in asking How do I save a CSV file as XLS.

Stage One

Open the CSV file by clicking on it twice, or "double clicking". Usually the computer will choose to open the file in Microsoft Excel, as this program tends to be the default for the CSV file, however if it does not then instead you must right click the CSV file's icon, select "open with" and then choose Excel from the available list of programs.

Stage Two

The CSV file you have just imported to Excel will have no formating attached, so take this opportunity to tidy the data up a little- boldening any headlines, adjusting column widths, giving a currency symbol or decimal rounding where necessary.

Stage Three

Click on the circular Excel logo at the top left corner of your spreadsheet. Then click onto the "save as" option and pick "Excel Workbook" from the dropdown list. Type in the name you want to give your file, and then click the "save" button. You have now saved a CSV file as XLS.


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