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How Do You Pronounce Meme?

Updated on August 12, 2014
How Do You Pronounce Meme?
How Do You Pronounce Meme?

One of the latest trends on the internet is the creation and sharing of memes. If you have spent even a short amount of time online you will have definitely come across one.

The adding of captions to photographs of animals or humans, graphical drawings or just words themselves about random life events, very often become comical viruses and spread all over the world.

These cleverly designed concepts are everywhere. Memes. But how to do you pronounce meme?

What Is A Meme?

Historically, a meme was a 'bundle of information' that traveled by word of mouth. Typically it was a mesmerizing story, a joke, a fable or an expression of speech. Our use of them today is still common, yet today memes travel so much faster than speech alone.

Memes are shares via the internet. On a forwarded email, via instant messages and through social media. In the same way that a flu bug can travel from individual to individual, memes travel online.

Taking the form of photographs, videos and the simple written word, they can tell jokes, philosophical ideas worth repeating, urban legends and human and animal oddities.

They are very straight to the point and cleverly relate to people all over the world. This makes them popular for sharing on social networking sites and popular amongst pinners on Pinterest.

How To Make A Meme

Unless you come up with an idea yourself, the internet is full of websites that allow you to generate a meme from a range of available images or you can share those already created by members of the public. Just be aware of the terms and conditions of some of these sites.

Some of the most popular sites to use are

  • Someecards

The key to successful internet memes is the way in which they can be provide humor and also have a level of shock-value. These grab people's attention and get shared all the more.

The all important question still remains however.

How To Pronounce Meme

Memes Can Be Images

Example Of A Meme
Example Of A Meme

How Do Your Pronounce Meme?

The answer is very simple.

“Meme” rhymes with “team”.


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    • TonyDan profile image

      Tony Daniels 3 years ago from Toledo, Ohio

      I would have sworn it was pronounced Mee Mee. Interesting approach to the subject in this hub.