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How Google Voice Could Revolutionize Email

Updated on September 8, 2010

Make Calls While Using Gmail

Google Voice Is Now Integrated Into Gmail

Google Voice is now integrated into Gmail and that means Google Voice is now available for anyone to use as long as they have a Gmail account.  Its amazing how technology changes the way we live our lives.  Around 10 years ago cell phones were just becoming popular and now people can make phone calls through an internet connection for free.  Google Voice does not charge for calls within the U.S. and has very competitive rates for international calls.

Now that Google Voice can be accessed from your Gmail account, imagine the benefits. By Registering a phone number for free you can even forward calls straight to your cell phone.  More importantly, Google does not charge you for how many minutes you use as long as you make calls within the U.S.  

Could this change influence the cell phone industry?  

Will cell phone providers be forced to lower rates?

Now users have the option to save minutes by making calls through Google Voice as opposed to making calls from a cell phone.  This option could influence the demand for minutes and perhaps users will use Google Voice to save minutes.  Especially if they are on the verge of going over their minutes.

Using Google Voice With Your Gmail Account

Its really interesting to see how Google Voice will change the way email works.  Imagine checking your email and instead of clicking the reply button, Gmail users now have the option to just call the person that sent them the email.  This could prove to save a lot of time and could help businesses work more efficiently.  It may sound weird to make a call from a computer, but its fast and easy.  This could help people connect easier and seems to be a great way to manage voicemail, emails and phone calls all at the same time.


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