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How Google+ Can Be Effective for Your Business

Updated on June 6, 2014

For most business owners, joining a new social media site is not just stressful; it is both tedious and time consuming. Think about it: how many social media sites do you have right now that you aren’t maximizing fully? So, it makes perfect sense that you’d probably want to resist adding one more. But, Google+, is not just one of those social media sites. It is different and should be included in social media marketing arsenal.

Excellent Source of New Clients and Prospects

As of January, 2014, Google+ had over 300 million active users. Please note the emphasis on the word “active”. We’re not talking about junk traffic and possibly uninterested prospects. Facebook for instance, has more of a teen crowd, which basically means little or no money –not saying it doesn’t work for marketers. Google Plus on the other hand, has a ton of working class, employed users, which means that it’s potentially more profitable if you know how to milk it correctly.

Incredible Search Engine Leverage

You may not know this, but using Google+ for local businesses’ rankings can transform your search marketing efforts. For instance, instead of posting an article or a blog and then waiting for the search engines to pick up naturally you can easily get the blog and article indexed in a matter of minutes by simply sharing the blog’s or article’s link on your Google+ account.

Also, using that, you can easily create Google Local pages with all the information about your business. These two items alone are bound to create a deluge of information about your business. Including a company address for instance gets automatically listed on Google Maps, while images tagged with your company’s information are usually visible, thanks to Universal Search.

Effective Platform for Increased Viewership

All businesses want more customers. And one of the quickest ways to get that without necessarily paying hundreds or thousands of dollars –heck, there are people who pay Google 5-6 figures monthly for sponsored ads- is by getting increased visibility on the search engines and spreading the word about your business on as many platforms as possible. Using Google+, you can build an active fan base for your products and services. Sure, it will take some work –and by that I mean 30 minutes - 1hour every day or 3 times a week- but the quality of leads from your circles will make it totally worthwhile.

Enhanced Social Layer

Nothing is better than having a presence on all relevant social networks. Google+ gives you that added advantage and social layer. With it, you may not need that many social media accounts per se. for instance, your Google+ account can be integrated into Youtube, blogger, and Google sites to mention a few. Think of it as a unifying piece that ties all your social media efforts neatly.

Incredible Branding Tool

If you want to popularize your brand, this is an excellent platform to use. As long as you’re not into lots of kid’s stuff –might actually work seeing as the parents need to fork over the money for their toys- you can become a big brand by simply engaging your audience their and frequent participation.

So, now that you know just how powerful Google+ is, you should seriously get on it. And if you don’t have the time or resources, simply hire a professional like BCP Design who is well versed in using Google+ for local businesses.


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