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How I Deal With Google Algorithm Updates

Updated on December 22, 2012

How I Deal With Google Updates

I have quite a few blogs and websites and I have plenty of experience with dealing with all sorts of fun updates from Google, just as all of you reading this have experienced too. I decided to write this hub to let you all know how I deal with Google updates and the motions that I tend to go through.

I Get Upset And Curse

The first thing I usually do when I notice traffic to my blogs/sites and articles on Hubpages go way down is get upset and curse to myself. Usually the day starts off very good for me but then I log into my different accounts and check my stats and that is when I get quite disappointed because usually when traffic goes down across the board it means Google updated their algorithm again.

I Do Research

After I check my stats and realize that I have been hit by a Google update, I will research a few reputable sites to see if a Google update has occurred, and every single time I have experienced a major drop in traffic (when traffic drops on all my sites), I have been correct and a Google update has taken place.

I Then Write An Article

Once I have confirmed that a Google update has taken place, I will usually write an article venting about it and then giving advice on how to deal with the Google update.

I Then Promote With Social Media

If you have read some of my articles here on Hubpages, then you know that I am a fan of using social media sites to get traffic to my sites/blogs and articles on sites such as Hubpages. I have always received a good amount of traffic from social media sites. However, Google updates do bother me because maybe like 20%-25% of my websites' traffic comes from Google. So when Google updates occur and I lose even 10% of my traffic, it is a little annoying and it means that I have to work a little more harder at getting traffic from social media sites.

I Then Wait

I will then wait it out and eventually traffic to my sites, from Google, raises. It may take a few weeks but I have been able to recover from many Google updates simple by waiting.

However, while I am waiting I am putting effort into promoting content on my sites and blogs via social media sites, so when I say I am waiting, I do not mean literally sitting there doing nothing but waiting for traffic from Google to pick up again. I mean I do not do anything to try to get in good with Google again.

Finally, I Expect It To Happen Again

Once I calm down and realize that there is little I can do, I simply expect another Google update.

Google updates are not fun to deal with but it seems that they will always occur, but if there is a will there is a way.

Good luck hubbers.


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    • AlexK2009 profile image

      AlexK2009 5 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland

      I still have to work out how to use (say) facebook to promote my writing, so this is of limited use to me but interesting anyway