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How LED Lights Can Save Cities Money

Updated on May 27, 2015

Planning ahead for our city's future:

In today's government, cities are NOT seeing a huge surplus of money at the end of each year. We see that each passing week in our roads, buildings and throughout the media. Heck even in California, we had to pay our government paid officials minimum wage for months while the state collected enough money to run its business. As spending is decreasing, cities should be planning on ways to weather the storm, and how to boost their own economies. One way to do this is through LED Lights and Solar Panels.

LED Lights as we all know, are starting to become the social norm. Even GE closed down its last incandescent light bulb plant, as we know the new era of lighting is approaching us. Cities need to start paving the way to new thinking, and sometimes the best way to save money is by spending money. What? How would that make any sense? Well certain things that we do on a day to day basis cost money. Turning on the lights, flushing the toilet, even running your computer. They all take energy which costs money. One thing that hasn't changed are cities way they look at energy spending. LED Street Lights are starting to turn the heads of many officials.

LED Lights are the future

LED Lights can be incorporated into our daily lives, such as the office florescent tube lighting all across the world. New technology is upon us where we can have LED Tube Lights to actually replace our existing florescent tube, and save us Gigawatts of electricity. Even Pittsburg has done studies on how if their city switched to LED Street Lights, their annual electricity spending which was $4.2 Million could save over $1Million annually and over $700,000 in maintenance costs. Typical street light fixtures will last approximately 5-7 years, whereas LED street lights will last in upwards of 15-20 years.

Certain areas of spending when used correctly will actually save money, it is just how one looks at it. LED Lights will help save the environment, help save our cities resources, and help build a stronger economy.


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