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How Many Cell Phones Do You Use?

Updated on July 25, 2012
Blackberry Phone
Blackberry Phone

It is embarrassing. Carrying two cell phones, each serving a purpose. The phone rings, there is a scurry to locate and determine which phone. Two phones can be bulky. Are you a Two-phone person?

The two phones most popular for this situation is the Apple iPhone and the RIM Blackberry. The Berry was around first. It has entrenched following and it does many things BETTER than the Apple iPhone: it has a QWERTY keyboard, a network that only TIM devices access, they are much tougher than the fragile iPhone. Just drop it. They are cheaper, much cheaper. Now, the Apple iPhone is best for many things, but sending a large number of emails is NOT one of them, an occasional one, yes, but not for someone needing to send them a lot. They have a great camera, they access the Web WAY better and faster, there are many more apps to enhance it.

Thus, many users out there are carrying around both cell phones because of their strong capabilities. Why did not Apple make the iPhone with a real QWERTY keyboard? Why didn't Apple make the iPhone to tougher to sustain impacts? Both are no brainers and it would have insured that users of the Blackberry would trade for the iPhone.

Carrying two phones complicates life. You two phone numbers, two separate carrier plans and different cords for charging etc. Then, there is the embarrassment, yes, embarrassment of pulling out ANY non-iPhone. Many really feel this way if they do not have an Apple iPhone, it has become such a status symbol. You mean, doesn't everyone have one? Huh, nope. I guess, anyone who is ANYONE, uses the iconic iPhone. Silly.

Until Apple decides to add a QWERTY keyboard on the iPhone, high volume email users will be carrying two phones: the Blackberry and iPhone.

Do you use two cell phones?

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