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How Physiotherapy Clinic Software Can Transform Your Clinic

Updated on July 6, 2011

Computer software is incredibly useful for any kind of business. For physiotherapy clinics there is a wide range of specialist software packages that can help to run the business much more efficiently. Such software can increase patient satisfaction as well as increase practice revenues.

Two types of software are especially useful for physiotherapy clinics. Physiotherapy Billing (PT Billing) software takes care of the business side of things. Physiotherapy clinical software assists in the patient care side of the business. These software packages are also useful for other medical professionals such as chiropractors, chiropodists and occupational therapists.

Physiotherapy Billing (PT Billing) Software

When physiotherapists set up a private clinic then they usually concentrate on the patient care side of the business. While this is to be commended, a poorly run clinic can look unprofessional in the eyes of its patients. More worryingly, a clinic that doesn't have a good billing system in place can lose out on a significant amount of money due to billing errors and undercharging for patient care. A physiotherapy practice always needs to take care with billing since revenue can come from many sources. Although many patients settle their bills after seeing the consultant, patients may also need to visit for many sessions during the course of their treatment. Many patient treatment plans may also be paid for by their employers (in the case of occupational health related issues) or by a medical insurance company.

Physiotherapy billing software was traditionally based on desktop software installed in practices. The widespread use of the Internet has made website based software solutions much more popular. They can be used off site or onsite, as well as being accessed by increasingly popular mobile computing devices. These mobile solutions are especially popular in larger practices where it is not practical to install a desktop PC in every part of the building.

Another alternative is to use an outsourced billing service. Such services are offered by companies such as Billing Dynamix. They take care of the patient billing aspects of running a clinic, allowing practice staff to concentrate on the patient care side of the clinic. The other advantage of using such a service include increasing the speed at which bills are paid. This leads to vastly increased cashflow for the physiotherapy clinic and therefore much less problems at critical times such as the end of the payroll billing process or when a large tax bill becomes due.

Physiotherapy Clinic Software

Other software for use in physiotherapy, chiropractor and other clinics is software that helps with the patient care side of things. Clinical software can hugely increase the efficiency of physiotherapy practices by allowing the routine aspects of patient care to be automated.

Many of the clinical software solutions for physiotherapists are already pre-loaded with standard treatment plans for common conditions such as back pain, knee and hip problems. Software suppliers such as PhysioTools also have support packages available that can supply printed treatment plans for patients to take away with them and help them with their rehabilitation exercises.

All in one physiotherapy software solutions

An attractive solution for physiotherapy clinics is to purchase an all in one solution that can handle both the patient scheduling, billing and patient care side of the practice. MediGraph is one such supplier. Their Physical Therapy software package is a complete solution that handles all aspects of the clinic, including billing, appointment scheduling and treatment plan documentation.


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    • profile image

      Dr srinivasarao kurakula 3 years ago

      Srinivasa physiotherapy clinic,moulali,HBcolony,opp mother therisa school,hyderabad

    • profile image

      Dr srinivasarao kurakula 3 years ago

      Srinivasa physiotherapy clinic,moulali,HBcolony,sec bad

    • profile image

      jjones444 7 years ago

      I have heard great things about physical therapy software that is used in offices near me. The chiropractor I go to on a regular basis uses this type of software and he says it's a complete life saver. The software helps organize everything from billing to patient records to medications, and it has proven to be much more time efficient than traditional methods. If I were running an office I'd definitely try this.

    • profile image

      Mark Donkin 7 years ago

      Another way to transform your clinic is to register online for web driven patient referrals and patient reviews.

      One way to do this is online using where you can search for all of this across the whole of the UK including Physiotherapy London

    • profile image

      Amy 7 years ago

      Nicely composed article. Might I also submit an added benefit of using a web-based all-in-one solution, such as Billing Dynamix or Gryphon Health Systems, is the data storage it allows. Eliminating the need for costly server based upgrades.

      Not all web based billing services are the same. It is important to know what kind of work flow is in place to maximize billing performance and reimbursements. If it isn't transparent and detailed you might want to look elsewhere. Billing Dynamix has that capability. I can vouch for that, they are the billing solution for my practice. Interesting to find them referenced in your article. Kudos on a well researched article!

    • profile image

      Dave 7 years ago

      Good point! BTW, Gryphon Health also offers an all-in-one solution for PT's. But they specialize in practices that combine physical therapists and chiropractors under a single roof. Hence a special emphasis on FAST and COMPLIANT documentation. How fast? REALLY fast!

    • profile image

      Yuval 7 years ago

      Nice article, and a useful classification of various sorts of software! Just to correct its presentation of Billing Dynamix - it's not just an outsourced billing solution. Firts of all it's a 100% Web-based all-in-one solution. It includes scheduling, rapid documentation, and specialized billing software. You can use it either for in-house billing, or for outsourced billing, in which case you would also leverage its expert billing staff. In any case, you would have access to a continuously expanding PT billing knowledge base, shared by hundreds of providers nationwide.


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