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How Search Engines Work

Updated on September 10, 2014

We frequently get questions from website owners regarding how come their site is still not listed in Google, Yahoo, AltaVista, etc. A lot of website owners impatient in getting to the top of the search engines list and get free traffic from them. Is it because of their ignorance on the SEO technique? The impact of their impatient makes them facing with what we call as the "Black Hat" SEO marketers who guarantee to get their website on top of search engines within 48 hours. These "Black Hat" SEO marketers clean out these impatient website owners and what these website owners get later on is their website will get banned by the search engines because of dishonest SEO trick that their websites implement. So, my advice is to avoid services or tools which promise to boost your ranking in search engines in such a quick time.

There is no mystery in Search Engine Optimization. You just have to understand the basics of how the search engines work.

In order to get your new website to be "search engine friendly", you always need time! That is why, I usually recommend to website owners who have an intention to set up a website but don't have time to finalize it: buy a domain name for the niche keyword that they're targeting, create at least two pages for their websites and online it. Why? The older and longer domain name is more easily to be recognized by the search engine software's or robots. These robots work based on some "algorithm" which the search engine won't reveal it to us as website owners.

The search engine robot will crawl and analyze the contents of your website, the links inside your website and the URL of your website. This robot likes links very much, so that is why I usually recommend website owners to create links within their website and links to other websites which have a high ranking, so this robot thinks that your website is valuable to be index in their search engines. You must try to create content within your related niche keywords routinely.

It is not an easy task to make your site to be "search engine friendly", but the more you learn and practice, you will get use to it.


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