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How To Become Famous On Youtube

Updated on January 13, 2014

You don’t have many subscribers on YouTube and want to learn how to become famous on YouTube. You've come to the right place. Have you ever had this "vision" that if you had too many subscribers on YouTube, that you might even become an actor or earn a lot of money just from Youtube ads? It's time to cheer up because we will be giving you some tips on using Youtube to your advantage. Here are some of the tips to get more subscribers on YouTube. All you need is to do is show off your unique personality and make your subscribers happy. You must form a genuine connection or bond with your audiences and then come up with a "brand" name for your subscription. These tips will help you to make a successful channel and keep your subscribers entertained. Keep on reading if you want to learn how to become famous on Youtube.

Create A Buzz

Try to create a buzz: This is the first and foremost step to be famous. You must be relevant when it comes to covering a topic. Choose recent hot topics as people are really interested. You must upload your videos according to people’s interest. You must upload the videos quickly instead of taking your sweet time. Be sure to pload within a day or two from the breaking news. For example, you can upload a video of a tornado that you shot. Since the tornado took out many homes, this will be breaking news and many will look for a live video on Youtube.

Respond to videos

You can try making video responses or making parodies: To do this, you first need to select any popular video on YouTube and then you can try creating a good response or you can even think about giving it a hilarious twist. Keep in mind that responses and videos go viral very easily.

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How to become famous on Youtube by meeting people

You can consider meeting people in person in YouTube gatherings: This is yet another successful tip to become famous on YouTube. If people get to meet the real "you", they are more likely to follow you and eventually subscribe to your videos, thereby making you famous if a bunch of people were to do this. YouTube gatherings are held all over the world, and are a great way to grab some huge amount of subscribers. People are more likely to follow you or subscribe your videos if they get to meet you in person. This is bound to boost your popularity.


You can consider collaborating with famous YouTubers. Make an effort to meet famous people personally at conventions or you can even ask them directly if they are willing to make a collaborative video. You can always reach these famous people through YouTube or Twitter. If any of the famous people makes a collaborative video with you, chances of becoming famous increases by 25%. You can always seek to collaborate with these famous people with styles and viewership similar to yours. This way you get to share each other's audiences. Needless to say that you will benefit from this more than them.

Get featured by the YouTube Editors

If you are already having a standout video, you might consider getting featured easily. Numerous people have become famous off a single video just by doing this. Look ath the Mean Kitty Song and Gang Nam Style.

Add new videos to become famous on Youtube

You must be relentlessly updating your videos: This is a very vital step involved in becoming famous. Continue adding new videos frequently. If you continue to update your videos with original content according to your subscriber’s or viewers’ wants, you are more likely to become recognized. You must never give up on yourself, even if you don’t get some positive results after a few months. If you stay stagnant or continue doing this, you will definitely be successful in gathering more subscribers.

Be creative and use SEO

You need to make the viewers like your videos. Nobody likes dull and boring videos. You must be creative enough to achieve this. You can consider giving catchy tag lines to attract viewers. Also, make your channel look very attractive in order to gain more viewers. You can start with giving your channel a catchy name and beautiful channel art as well. Try adding a short description of what your channel provides and a unique channel background image. You can add links of other websites in your channel description in order to promote yourself online. You must choose extremely catchy keywords that not only suits your videos but also gathers more viewers. This is called SEO or search engine optimization. This is a very important step as without the right tags and right keywords, viewers will not be able to find your videos. All your hard work, labor, creativity will be wasted if you don't learn about SEO. Aside from this, be sure to promote your videos on various social networking sites, to go viral within a short amount of time.

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