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How To Buy A Home Intercom System

Updated on April 13, 2016

Wireless Intercoms Make Installation Easy

Home Intercom Systems Make Your Life Easier

If you decide you want an intercom system for your home you'll have to decide whether to choose a wireless or wired intercom system.

If you are building a new house, or you have an already built house with an older intercom system installed, then it may make sense to choose a wired intercom system.

When building a new house you can hire electricians or a telephone system installer to run the wires and do the final installation after the drywall is up. Just give them the installation guide so they have the information they need to do the installation.

In choosing a wired intercom system you just pick one that has the features you want. You can get them with a built-in AM/FM radio and a CD player if you want music. Or you can just get a basic intercom system that does nothing but voice.

If your pre-existing house is not wired for an intercom system then a wireless intercom makes the most sense. If you like the looks of the wired systems installed in walls, you can get flush-mount wall wireless units that mimic this look.

One of the advantages of a wireless intercom over a wired system is that you can put portable units anywhere you want. With wall-mounted intercoms you have to go to wherever the unit is installed when someone calls you. With wireless intercoms, you can put portable units wherever you spend the most time, or you can carry them around with you. Some wireless systems let you mix these portable units with wall-mounted units.

One possible weakness of the wireless intercom is that it could pick up interference from other wireless devices. Some wireless systems minimize this possibility though.

Choosing home intercom systems just depends on your application requirements and the house you are installing it in.

WireFree Intercom System Video


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    • profile image

      intercom 6 years ago

      Great post, thanks very much - and some great links to other articles. I've voted you up!

      With all the options available these days, and technology advancing (especially in the security and communications markets) I think wireless is more and more becoming the best overall solution. But so many buildings are already wired that the wired solutions are likely to stick around for a while yet!

      All the best.