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Best Cheap Cell Phone Service Deals To Compare Before You Buy

Updated on December 12, 2013

Which Cell Phone Is Perfect For You

Choosing the right cell phone may never happen to us unless we are set on an iPhone. But the rest of the world has thousands of choices of carriers,phones and plans to deal with.

There were many times that I choose a phone because of time and convenience and kept the phone until I learned how to operate every feature just to find out I didn't have what I really use the most....a good camera!

I hate when a sales person is tired of me and I am the one who is stuck with the monthly bill. They are paid hourly and give us pressure to buy fast because of added commissions. Not fair!

Wouldn't you love your sales person to take the time to show you how every phone worked that you were interested in? If that what you want be prepared to show up on a very slow day.

5 Ways To Choose The Best Cell Phone Service Deal

What I begun doing is going into phone carrier website to view the phones at my leisure then go to the store to actually hold it in my hands for confirmation. Your perfect phone may even be a prepaid cell phone.

  1. Go To Online Cell Phone Sites For Descriptions/Plans/Coverage Comparisons.
  2. Ask Friends What The Like/Dislike About Their Phones.
  3. Go Early To Cellphone Dealers To Avoid Being Rushed.
  4. Determine Your Needs When Choosing Your Plan/Phone.
  5. Pay the least for the most services.

The website promo code: 51246 has free phones and most importantly videos of the details and features of the phone you are interested in.

I was impressed at the fact that this company had me put in my zip code for coverage information on each device and service options. I was able to change zip codes to check family members in other states. So cool.

There is nothing so wrong than getting a phone and can't talk at work, home or other location you frequent. Also a great feature you can use before your purchase.

I looked at a Blackberry Curve video and captured the link for you to see why I was impressed. I felt as if I was given the royal treatment. The blue link over the the devices in the site will bring you to the link to the videos or you wouldn't even know it otherwise.Have fun searching. I sure did.

So before you go buy a phone research it first and save your time energy and money and pick the right cell phone now.


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    • profile image

      Tom 7 years ago

      Very nice hub. I agree on the part of the salesmen.