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How To Cool Down Laptop,Fast ?

Updated on March 26, 2011

How to cool down a laptop ?

After working on a laptop for some time you will notice that the temperature rises over time. If the temperature goes too high it can damage the equipment. So you should monitor your laptop temperature and take necessary action to prevent damage to laptop.

Not only that it can affect your health too:

Let's see what can be done to cool down your laptop.

1.Use a laptop cooling stand : You can buy a laptop cooling stand which will helps to cool down your laptop.Laptop cooling stand helps to prevent overheating.You don't have to worry about a fan connection breaking off at your port. Also it uses no memory. It may sometimes if your work surface is slanted. Straight surfaces are excellent for laptop cooling stand.

2.Reduce brightness of monitor. Reducing brightness will help to reduce heat generation.You can reduce brightness if you are using laptop in a dark room.

3.Stay in a cool place :Place your laptop in a cool place rather than in a warm place.

4.Close all unwanted programs: This helps reducing load on processor.

5.Keep the laptop clean:Remove the dust periodically.Dust can reduce heat dissipation.

Further you can activate the battery saving mode in OS to prevent heat generation.

Hope you liked this article on laptop heat generation.


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    • profile image

      5 years ago

      Dear writer,

      Thank you for the brightness tip.

      Yours truly,


    • profile image

      riley 5 years ago

      my laptop was becoming really hot so I switched to power saver mode and it tuned down to a faint whistle of the fans