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How To Create A PDF File Using Foxit

Updated on September 25, 2009
Adobe Acrobat PDF File
Adobe Acrobat PDF File

Convert To PDF

PDF files are a means of sending documents to others in a clean and secure way. The files are secure in that others are not able to edit them if you choose to make the PDF protected. You can choose this option when you are ready to save your file.

There are 2 methods of having a PDF file.

1) You could create a file in word, and convert it to .pdf format using a pdf converter program, like my favorite, Foxit Software.

2) You could use the Foxit Software family of programs to create your own .pdf files directly and save them, without having to convert them from any previous file.

If you would like to use the free method, all you need to do is download the free reader from Foxit Software and use it to convert your files. Option #2 requires you to purchase the (cheap) program in order to be able to directly create .pdf files

I hope this hubpage helped you decide how to create your pdf files and what methods you can take to create them!


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